Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Class 2 madness

I don't get it.

Not that I am complaining, but I still do not understand the methodology behind how site spawns occur for W-Space. I mean, I understand that sites respawn in other systems once they are completed, but I am talking about the mechanics of how the respawn systems are chosen.

As I posted about previously, I found an absolutely packed Class 2 system and moved in. By the time I next logged in, there were 6 more sites spawned. Hmmmm... Well great! Let's get to work. So I cleared 11 sites. The next time I logged in after downtime, 8 more sites had spawned. Now I have camped out many systems by now and have NEVER seen spawn rates like this.

The sites spawning have mostly been different than those that I am clearing, so it us not like they are simply respawning in the same system, so not sure what to make of it.

Regardless, I am amassing a huge amount of loot and there are more sites here than I could clear in a week of full time piloting. I literally have over 150 NIMs, 50 nanoribbons, and lots of other loot. Will be interesting to see if the sites start despawning before I get to all of them.

Safe flying


  1. My personal theory:

    1) Sites respawn in their same class. For example, if someone completes a C3 site, a new C3 site spawns somewhere else and there in no possibility of cross class spawning.

    2) The number of "surface" level systems is a multiple of the number of "hub" level systems.

    3) C1's are run by low SP players since that is all they can manage and the isk return is not that great.

    2) C3's can be soloed by high SP characters and those who can afford to dual box. This is a very small part of the WH running population.

    This is also where the majority of corps starts moving into, with the possibility of them moving their operations to high class systems once they are experienced.

    4) C2's are the sweet spot for your average player who has BS skills from running missions, and logs in for a couple of hours a night. He most likely is in a MR or Indy corp, who doesn't want to move into a WH.

    For the guy who is just going to pop into a WH for the night, a "surface" level C2 is just fine for him. Why bother with a "hub" system when he only has a couple hours, and plans to return to hi sec before logging for the night.

    My bet is that more C2 sites are run in a day, then any three of the others combined.

    What this means is that you are in the absolute best type of system for respawns. It will probably only get better as more and more people start to try WH's on a casual basis.

  2. Interesting theory. I agree on all 4 points (5 if you include the point about more C2 sites cleared per day than others combined).

    Not sure I get the tie-in on why this specific W-space system is receiving the respawns, which was the basis for my post.

    Based on your angle, you are proposing that hub systems, being less trafficked, will accumulate more sites simply because there is less pilot traffic to consistently clear the system. and the random nature of respawns (regardless of "surface" or "hub") being what it is, it is just a matter of being in a quiet hub system.

    However, I can sit in a "surface" W-space system for a week and only see a handful of spawns the entire week, which would indicate that hub systems may get a higher percentage of respawns?

    Maybe the spawn rate in "surface" systems is so low right now because there are a lot of C2 "Hub" systems packed like this one, awaiting hub residents to clear them to continue the respawn cycle...


  3. Lol, you're right. My theory only shows why an undiscovered "hub" system would have a large number of spawns already in it, not why it might have a higher respawn rate than a "surface" system.

    I'm pretty sure I've read some where that regular exploration sites are some how tied to constellations or regions. If that is so, and it was some how carried over to WH's, it would imply that all the other C2's that are in your C2 "region" to yours are currently being heavily farmed. Therefore pushing them to you.

    That make sense?

  4. Yes, that makes sense - and based on the combined theory, this hub would indeed continue a high spawn rate.

    Good thread - I may copy this into an actual post.

    I logged on just now just to run a single scan to see if more sites had spawned and 3 more...

    P.S. Blog comment alerts via email == WIN

  5. damn you are lucky!!!

    seriously, the behaviour is not that odd. Inside Planet Risk we had simillar behaviour over the past 3 months.. not often, but at some point we had like 3-4 sites spawning each day, then again on some weeks we had only 1-2 spawns.. and many days we had 0.

    IIRC, we haven't seen a good grav site for some time now (and I still need some pyerite to re-build my raven) for example, but we had 3-4 Mag and Radar sites spawning last week.

    In any case, by the time you clear out these sites you should make enough ISK even now that NIMs have plummed..

    Fly Safe!

  6. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing all this info. I'm a really new player and what you're doing sounds very cool. Once I get more skills up I'll give it a go.


  7. Welcome back Quiv - yeah, I listened to the last show and will also tune in again.

    Thanks Genroku! Best of luck.

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