Tuesday, August 18, 2009


New announcements from CCP today regarding their upcoming release of a FPS Console game called "DUST 514" - there is a video preview of the game here, as well as commentary by CCP's CEO regarding how they are attempting to link EVE with DUST.

If you listen closely and watch his presentation slides, you will see that DUST will play a key role in how planets will eventually be used to define sovereignty in EVE, and most interestingly, that control over a planet will be "contracted out" to DUST players as an objective in the console game. (yes, ISK Transfer between EVE and DUST is implied)

This literally shares all of the corporate and alliance structure over to DUST, essentially enabling an alliance to have both DUST and EVE corporations working jointly for EVE system control. I think this is a pretty advanced concept and it shows just how progressive and broadly the folks at CCP are taking this genre.

It also just simply makes logical sense if you were really into role playing - if you were attempting to establish (EVE) system sovereignty as a corporation, you might have a (DUST) planetside warfare/defense corporate arm to be dispatched to the planet or contract a corporation specializing in planetside warfare and control.

Combine all of this with the continued onslaught of EVE Chronicles (great reading BTW) and you have a true end-to-end story continuing to evolve.

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