Saturday, August 29, 2009

New appreciation for EVE

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new system. Well, it arrived today and all I have to say is: "Sweet Jesus, this is how EVE Online REALLY looks?".

I even had a pretty decent system before this, but it would not run with EVE's highest graphics settings, especially since I run dual clients.

Now, I can run dual clients, both in EVE's max graphics settings, and everything is as smooth as butter. It is simply incredible to see levels of detail that I had never seen in EVE before. I wish I would have grabbed some better before/after shots - maybe I will, but for now, I sit in awe of what the EVE graphic designers and developers have achieved with this game - almost like EVE is a new game (well, sort of...).

Other than smoother & faster movement, crisper and more graphic detail, performance is absolutely sick and scanning is now something I realize must have consumed a ton of CPU, because scanning now is night and day better/faster compared to my old system.

Say hello to Dual GeForce GTX 295 w/Quad SLI and 64-bit, Intel Core i7 (yes, 8x cores running at 3.33GHz) and 12GB of 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM - feel the power!

OK, enough with the hardware geek-out, back to regularly scheduled Sleeper programming...


  1. wow nice system indeed!
    make sure you upgrade that to win7 on october 22nd when the public release is available! :-)

    I got myself an upgrade planned - get 3x24inch monitors so I can run two eve toons at the same time while also checking mail and running evehq at the other monitor... ah the joy of hardware upgrades :-)

  2. Chrikey! 3x24? That is a virtual "Wall 'O Eve"


  3. 3 x 24 inch monitors, I can only imagine my wife asking "Why do you need 3 monitors?".

    Try to explain that one! ;)

  4. Have you tried zooming in really close on the ships yet? With all the graphic goodies turned on, they are incredibly detailed! Oh, and Post your Windows Performance Index. I'll bet you maxed out at 5.9. With Windows 7 you should be hitting close to 6.9.

  5. Yes, zooming in and looking at ship details is part of what I was noticing, especially in stations.

    Yep, Vista (called Windows Experience Index in Visat) reports 5.9 across the board.

  6. Looks alot like my system, except I'm having to make do with and older GTX 260.
    Also I think you have a better i7, but meh I overclocked mine.

    Runs three EVE clients all at max and then some however I think we've gone beyond what the current graphics engine was designed for, I notice quite a few "low res" textures, the CNR especialy.

    Anyway nice to see a fellow 12GBer