Thursday, August 13, 2009

First day and half my investment back!

Logged in after work tonight and cleared 2 Radar and 4 Perimeter sites. All that patience probing for the right system seems to have paid off, because NIM's were getting dropped left and right, for a total of 27 NIM's and 25 Melted Nanoribbons plus all the other assorted loot - Current Jita value for all the loot: 187M ISK. (Updated: Was actually 224M ISK in Jita once I sold it)

My static Low-sec exit was too far to take to market, so I will sit on the goods until the next good exit spawns.

Although I have not yet tried mining, I did manage to take my Rokh out for a quick stroll, and here are some pictures:

Glint of sun...

Warp factor 7 Scotty...Aye Cap'n

Rokh and Helios 1...

Rokh and Helios 2...

Safe flying!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice profit.

    I love getting those lucky NIM and nanoribbon drops from sleepers. Its like early christmas for me seeing as this time 2 weeks ago I was only making 1/2 a mil per mission corpless :p