Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ladar Sleepers

Very bizarre indeed.

I took a shot at a little cloud harvesting tonight, and spawned some light sleeper fights. The first round came in the form of 6x Emergent Sleepers.

The big surprise came from salvaging their wrecks - the loot yielded an incredible 8x NIM and 3x Melted Nanoribbons, roughly 41M ISK for a handful of pitiful Emergent (Frigate) class sleepers?

Never experienced that kind of yield in standard sleeper sites...

Hauled the latest load to Jita (13 jumps from the new low-sec exit) and cleared another 320M ISK, so well into profit territory even with my fully stocked (with reserves) POS.

Safe flying!


  1. Thats an interesting post. I have pondered coming into a wh with the view to mining but was concerned on the rat issue. Are they always light or do you get some of the big nastys?

    Love the blog :D

  2. I will post some spawn info for Ladar as I run them. But from what I have read, Class 1-3 sleeper spawns on Ladar and Grav sites are typically much easier than the easiest sleeper sites.

    I killed the 6x Emergent sleepers without firing a single shot - my 5x Hornet II's managed to clear them in less than 3 minutes and I only had to recall a drone twice for damage.

    My Rokh (see prior posts for my Rokh fit) saw nary a scratch - I never went below 95% shields.

  3. Couple of questions if you don't mind:

    1) Is it worth mining the C2 and C3 gas? How much are you making?

    2) Did you see the patch notes yet? They just increased the NIM drop rate :(.

    I saw on SHC some back of the napkin calculations that T3's are getting down to around $45o to produce. How do you think this is affecting the value of running WH's?

    I'd be curious as to how much a solo person could make on C2 and C3 combat sites if they skipped salvaging and just looted the turn ins. Wonder how that would compare to level 4's.

    I'm sure it will be a back and forth, but if they nerf WH profitability too much, people will view it as not worth all the effort and risk vs level 4s. This would boost salvage value until people started running WH's again, etc, etc.

  4. As you may have read from these posts, I am not really a miner. I am simply experimenting with some mining to get a sense of the ISK yield. As such, I am certainly not getting the yield that a properly fitted miner would enjoy with dedicated mining ships and fittings, etc.

    I am simply evaluating my own yield against what I earn from sleeper sites.

    Thus far, my findings (again, just for what I have to mine/gas harvest with):

    Roid Mining: I am not going to attempt any more mining. Even with mining Arkanor and Bistot, the hourly yield is a fraction of what I get running sleeper sites.

    Gas Harvesting: I will harvest C-72 or higher grades of gas, as that earns a respectable yield, but only when my system and all adjoining systems no longer contain sleeper sites. I am skilled up to 5 on all relevant gas harvesting skills and do not need a special ship for that (I use my Rokh, for instance).

    In terms of salvaging sites, the most valuable C2 and C3 sleeper loot currently (NIMs and Melted Nanoribbons) is only dropped via salvage, so I would say no, you need to salvage to make ISK in C2 and C3 sites.

  5. In most Ladar sites you see Advanced sleepers, so the loot is correct. You should see the advanced BSs in the C5 ladars hehehe...

    Next time you see them take notice on their wreck - it should say "Advanced Sleeper Small Wreck" or something similar.

    Gas profit has dropped (we used to make 5M ISK profit per reaction cycle on C540 / C320 reactions) but it's still much more profitable than selling the gas, now that the market has somehow stabilized.