Monday, August 24, 2009

NIMs plummet in value, raise in frequency

Similar to what happened in the datacores market following the v1.3.1 patch in early July, the recent release of v1.5 saw the seed rate of NIMs explode, thus flooding the market in short order sufficiently to drive NIM prices down to 10% or less of what they were 30 days ago:

Note that NIMs are now averaging about 600K ISK/each -vs- the 4.5M to 5.5M ISK value 30 days ago. Also note the trading volume increase.

This should free up NIMs as being what was reported as a T3 production bottleneck, and will make Melted Nanoribbons the most valuable drop item for Class 2 & 3 sleeper salvage.

However, the (near-term) balance between supply and demand for NIMs is such that although the NIM sell price is lower, the higher volume of NIM drops is still making up for the price drop. For example, my most recent run to market netted roughly the same three top ISK earners, with NIMs still accounting for the majority of sleeper ISK yield:
  • Neurovisual Input Matrix (NIM): 157M
  • Melted Nanoribbons: 136.4M
  • Sleeper Data Library: 76.5M
This could simply be a matter of demand still outpacing supply in the short term, but time will tell...

In W-Space news, between in-laws in town and traveling (good friend's wedding!) my online time has been limited, but spawn rates continue to be adequate between my POS system and the adjoining recurring Class 2 systems. If anything stands out it is boredom - feeling too much like Null-Sec Ratting operations these days. Now that I know exactly what ships and fitting to bring to Sleeper sites, Class 2 sleepers are no longer a "challenge".

That means I need to seek out tougher action, so I may move my Apeiron base to the next decent looking Class 3 spawn.

Safe flying...


  1. To keep from getting totally bored, I'd suggest a couple of things.

    1) Add some PVP ships to your hangar and try to have a little fun with others :). Just make sure to leave a scanner alt in your POS system in case you get podded.

    2) Set up in a system with constant 0.0 access. This will provide you with some exploration opportunities that differ from the WH. Also adds the thrill of doing under the large alliances noses.

    I'm currently doing something like this. I ran a covops 50 jumps deep into 0.0 and probed out a WH that eventually led to hi sec. Grabbed a transport, a BC, and a lot of ammo and jumped back into 0.0. I run the radar/mag and easy cosmic anomalies in that region until I find another WH that leads to another part of 0.0 and then head that way. My goal is to see if I can not get caught for a month.

  2. Funny you mentioned this approach - I had been reading TheBastards (pirating corp) blogpack posts about their new W-space home as a base for deep pirating actions and that triggered a similar thought.

    Shortly after this post, I moved my POS (see next blog post) to a "hub" system, which should afford me some nullsec opportunities.

    Thanks for the advice!

  3. I know you mentioned in a previous post that the yield of NIM's in a class 2 was greater than that of a class 3.

    Do you have any idea how the yield trends of Nanoribbons compair from 2 to 3?

  4. Still just an unproven hypothesis on the Class 2 NIM angle, but to answer your question, no, I see no difference in nanoribbon drop rate other than the fact that they are dropped more frequently from battleship-class sleepers, which are more abundant in "Frontier" sites, which are typically only found in Class 3 or higher.

    If not for the fact that I simply stumbled upon a packed Class 2 (see next post on moving pos), I was going to go back to Class 3.