Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Up and running!

New home is a Class 2 found from a low-sec (.3) system, which I am officially naming "Apeiron" (Greek for Unlimited, Boundless).

The good news was that the WH entry for my new home was a mere 2 low-sec jumps from my POS staging station. The other good news was that I only had to dodge pirates twice, both times successfully.

Other than a glitch when I got disconnected 40 minutes prior to the extended downtime while anchoring and onlining some defenses, everything went smoothly and according to plan.

In terms of my new W-space, it has some amazing mining sites and a couple of gas sites, plenty for me to take my first shot at roid mining and gas harvesting.
  • 1x Ladar - Barren Perimeter Reservoir
  • 1x Ladar - Minor Perimeter Reservoir
  • 1x Ladar - Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir
  • 1x Ladar - Sizeable Perimeter Reservoir
  • 3x Grav - Average Frontier Deposit
  • 2x Grav - Common Perimeter Deposit
  • 1x Grav - Ordinary Perimeter Deposit
  • 1x Grav - Uncommon Core Deposit
  • 1x Grav - Unexceptional Frontier Deposit
  • 2x Radar - Unsecured Perimeter Transponder Farm
  • 2x Radar - Unsecured Perimeter Comms Relay
Good Sleeper Site volume to cover, with about 12x Perimeter Sites of various flavors and 4 Radar Sites. There is a static exit to Low-Sec and to Class 2, so obviously not a "hub" system like I wanted, but hey, at this point, beggars can't be choosers...

More to follow once I get back online and start taking down the Sleeper and Radar sites first, then I am going to go for some Gas Harvesting.

Side note: It was made clear that W-Space graphics were to be much higher quality per the Apocrypha release, and I must say that this new system is beautiful - definitely some perfect backdrops for my forthcoming Rokh pics...

Fly Safe!


  1. Hi there!

    Just wanted to tell you that I'm totally inspired by your blog to try to get into wormhole space myself — although so far my CEO isn't very impressed with the idea of small-scale operations like the one you have here. From what I have gathered from your blog as of yet, there is still room for smaller scale operations, especially if going to a second or third level wormhole, with no direct exits into normal space?

    Of course, I'm a pretty new character, and I wouldn't have the skills to solo just yet. My idea would be to take my fighter alt along, and clear mining sites with her, before switching to this alt to do mining in those. What kind of minimal setup would be needed for something like that in your opinion, and what kind of ships would my combat alt have to be able to field in order to do that sort of thing in a relatively efficient matter?

  2. Thanks Vendel - definitely still plenty of open W-space out there, but as you can see from the recent posts, it may take a while to find your preferred home.

    My advice would be to skill up for a Drake (BattleCruiser) as your fighting ship and cut your teeth on some Class 1 W-space. You do not need a POS for that - you can find Class 1 WH entries in HighSec and just take "daytrips" to start. That will get you familiar with the Sleeper PVE experience and prepare you for Class 2 and beyond.

    Word of advice on Sleeper sites - once you scan them down, look at this blog and other sites for the spawn order, so that you can take down the sleepers in the best possible order.

    Also, make sure that mining alt also has a probe launcher and probes. The last thing you want is to get your fighter alt killed and no longer be able to scan yourself out of W-space in the event your entry closes. So keep an eye on the WH info and make sure all ships are fitted for probing.

  3. Thanks for the advice. I was looking to train up for a battlecruiser (although I'm looking at the Gallente variety myself), I have about a week of training time ahead of me for a decent fit. From what I understand, drones are viable in the level 1-3 wormholes, and since I like the Myrmidon, that sounds good to me — do you have any recommendations fitting-wise that might make the choice of ship easier?

    Going into level 1s definitely sounds like a good start, once I've started to feel comfortable in the BC, so after that I guess it's off to scan for wormholes! Thank you for all the advice in your blog, it is truly inspiring stuff!

  4. I always refer to for fitting lookups.

    I prefer Small T2 Drones (Hornet II) - they are fast enough to avoid major sleeper punishment and they recall to your drone bay quickly if they begin taking damage.

  5. I currently live in a class 1 similar to what you found.
    Since you're going to try your hand at mining, you're going to love the uncommon core deposit.

    The only problem is that with the amount mined, there was a huge logistics problem which I solved by upgrading my POS and installing a medium intensive refinery.

  6. Yep, if you saw my post on my POS setup, it includes the medium intensive refinery. That, with my Refining and Refinery Efficiency skills both at 5 and nearly all ore-specific skills all at 4, I feel like I will get an acceptable yield.

    Has it been pretty "quiet" in your Class 1?

  7. Yeah, the only exit is in low sec and in a week I have seen two visitors. As I do the anomalies asap, I think people see there are no anomalies and a POS on scan so no point sticking around for them.

    The caveat is that there is only money coming in from mining, but that's good enough for me for now - the megacyte prices are very good

  8. Yeah, I have the same perspective in my Class 2. I cleared all of my sites and am lucky to have a static Class 2 spawning every day to head over to that system to clear sites.

    I tried mining, but the mining rate, even for an 8x Miner II with 3X MLU II still works out to be a fraction of the hourly yield against site running, and that is measured against Arkanor mining.

    What are you mining with? Please reply.

  9. (I'm anonymous up there :)

    I'm mining with a retriever (biggest thing that fits in a class1 I believe, hulk is no go for sure) and a harbinger.

    My conclusions are the same as yours, it takes several hours of mining to make as much isk as a single combat site - but when there aren't any combat sites around, it keeps the isk meter going up!

  10. Yeah, I am going to run some numbers and see if any combination of mining ship + specific ore types come close to the hourly sleeper yield and report my findings.

    I agree there is still the issue of what happens when both your system and the adjoining systems are lacking sleeper sites.