Friday, August 28, 2009


I have my 70+ sites down to about 30 now. Monstrous amounts of loot. As soon as I clear the remaining Perimeter Hangar sites it will be time for a run to market. In the mean time, I always load all the loot into my cargo bay before I go to my safe spot and logoff...

I have yet to see another pilot in this hub system, so I pretty much feel like I am burning POS fuel for no reason, but I am a firm believer in Murphy's Law - as soon as I decide to offline to save fuel, that would certainly be just when it was needed most.

The respawn rate has basically come to a halt, so after the prior posts and theorizing (be sure to read the comments - good discussion there) about respawn rate differences between "hub" systems and "surface" systems, all those assumptions are on hold until I see more evidence to support the assumptions.

Not that I am complaining, I have a lot to work on here.

Safe Flying!


  1. Wanted to ask your advice on an alternate setup to a POS.

    I currently have two characters on two accounts. One is a combat character with BS skills, and the other is a prober/exploration/hauler with no combat skills.

    Both of my characters can put up a POS, but I'm wondering if I really need to. What I'd like to do is go into a C2 hub system, and just run radar/mag/combat sites. No gas mining or regular mining.

    Instead of a POS, my thought is once I've found the system I want, run my alt with a industrial that drops off 5 giant secure containers at a safe spot. 2 loaded with ammo, the rest empty for loot. The alt then goes back out and grabs the all purpose covops, and leads the other character through in his BS.

    I won't need to ever change ships, GSC's are impossible to probe down, both ships will have cloaks, and I avoid the whole hassle and expense of a POS.

    1) Dumb idea or for my needs the correct route?

    2) You use two characters and from earlier posts you are making what looks to be around 110Mm an hour? Is that about right? Should I assume that with only one combat character I'll be making about 50MM since it should take me twice as long?

    I looked at the discussion about respawn rates. If it is somehow influenced by the wormhole cluster sometimes moving towards more populated areas and being farmed harder, it would seem the way to track this is by paying attention to what areas the systems around you connect to.

  2. Interesting angle - actually a pretty good idea if you are not needing to refit - just be damn sure your covops does not get popped or fit your BS with a scanner just to be safe.

    Definitely more cost effective and less maintenance than a POS - I like the concept - something between day-tripping into W-space and a small POS...

    Hourly yield is variable, based on the number of sites and spawn rate. A month ago I was making in excess of 100M ISK per hour, but that has dropped considerably now with NIM prices down.

  3. Well first off thanks for creating this website. It has given me lots of things to think about.

    But a few questions do come up. I have tried to read all the archives but I probably missed a few.
    1) so you spider tank with your BC. Why not make a logistics andget the bonuses from that?

    2) Planet Risk talked about using the Scorpion to ease the encounters. Have you tried this tactic?

    3). Why do you not use a blockade runner with covert ops cloak instead of a recon or industrial when moving your stuff?

    4). Would wormholes still be worth the effort to live in if you only played 1 to 2 hours a night or every other night?

    5) the biggest question I have is how do you scan so fast? I have a recon. Astermeterics 5. The other 3 astermertics at 2 (plan very soon to boost them) and it still takes me 20 minutes to find sites. Could you record and post it on you tube or something?

    6) has your medium station been hit yet?

    7) I have tried the sites to figure out what class I am in ( looking for 1 until I get comfortable). But it keeps giving no information. Does K162 wormhole mean anything?

    Thanks again for your blog. Sent my 0.02 to CK and Capsuleer


  4. Which ship do you generally clear with?


  5. Thanks alot for creating this blog. It has help me look at worm holes as something that is possible.

    Just curious. Would you still consider wormholes if you only have 1 maybe 2 hours 5 days a week?

    Also you use a covert ops ship, why not a blockade runner?

    Has your medium POS been attacked yet?

    But the most important question I have is. Can you record how you scan down 30 sites so fast? I have astrometrics 5 the other 3 skills at 2. And use a covert ops recon. And it takes me 20 minutes per item. Could you post a you tube vid or something


  6. Thanks Acinom -

    1) (Q: Why not using a Logistics ship for spider tanking?) A: Purely skill training and what I happened to have on-hand when I started. Drake and Dominix. It has worked thus far, so sticking with it.

    2) (Q: Have you tried using a Scorpion?) A: I have not - simply because of #1 above. However, feeling pretty flush now with ISK, so my next ship will likely be a T3 ship.

    3) (Q: Why not use a blockade runner instead of industrial?) A: Not sure what you mean by a transport-capable blockade running ship - I do not have skills for a jump freighter, for example. I use my Covops to carry the sleeper loot to market - it is a veritable gatecamp buster. Only caught once - ever - in my Helios and it was because I was stupid enough to put it on autopilot and went AFK for too long.

    4) (Q: WH's on only 6-12 hours per week) A: That's not far from the time I have online, except my every other or every third night is typically into the early morning hours (i.e. fewer, but longer sessions - I typically put in 18 hours per week, almost all between 10PM and 2am PST) ;-) To answer your question, I think you may be better off day-tripping to W-pace rather than even a small POS, simply because of the fuel cost. It's all about finding packed systems and how fast you can work them.

    5) (Q: How scan so fast?) A: I will try to FRAPS it next chance I get, or make a post - good idea. My scan time, to use a tough Mag site as an example, since it always requires down to the .25AU level, is about 2 Minutes.

    6) (Q: Station been hit yet?) A: No, it has been quiet as can be in this hub system. Typically when I login I get the "system is loading, please try again" message from the EVE client, indicating nobody has been there since prior downtime.

    7) (Q: What is a K162?) A: A K162 simply means that specific WH was discovered from "the other side" (i.e. you are not the first to find it, and the first pilot to do so originated from the other side of the WH. Once in the W-space, look up the Locus Signature (ex: Jnnnnnn) on the eWormhole site.

    Definitely read the Resources link above for "WH Information" - actually, read it 4 or 5 times. It was a great help to me when I started WH Sites.

    Thanks again for the support Acinom - GL and Safe flying...

  7. Genroku -

    If by "Clear" you mean battle sleepers, I use a Drake/Dominix combination (I have 2 Eve clients running and run my main and Alt) - my setups are here:

    If you mean salvage, then I have my Cormorant - the standard fit is on - I use this config, but without the pricey rigs and I substitute a Codebreaker or Analyzer when needed:

    My Helios is also fitted with Codebreaker and Analyzer, so after the field is cleared of sleepers, I sometimes bring it in to work the cans while the Alt-Cormorant salvages.

  8. my comments:

    @ Star Defender: Always a great discussion in your blog SD! Keep it up!

    @Anonymous (1st comment):

    Not sure if GSCs can't be scanned down - we've scanned down ships without using probes - just using directional and found them in their safespot (granted it takes time), so the same could apply on the GSCs. Although the low cost no POS idea has some clear advantages it would suck if the scanning ship gets killed and/or if your main ship gets some armor/hull damage and you can't refit for repairing it. IMHO a small POS and an Orca would be much better, as Beowolf talked about in his blog (


    Cheers for the mention mate! We use 1-2 Scorpions when farming C5s, but only if we can put at least 3 RR BSs in there first. In a C2 we rarely use a scorpion - surely it can Jam pretty much anything there but the low DPS and rather small tank means it will take you ages to farm these sites if it's the only BS. IMHO a couple of Drakes can take any C2 site and do it not only efficiently but also fast enough.

    @ Anonymous (5th comment):

    Just put 1 probe in the middle and 4 other probes each having it's arrow "touching" with one arrow of the probe in the middle, making a cross (+) where the one in the middle is in the center of the cross and each of the 4 other probes on the edge of it. The sphere of each of the edge probes should cover most of the center probe... arg.. I confused myself - I'll probably post a couple of screenshots in sometime soon.