Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back from RL Adventures

OK, time to get back to EVE. I had been heavy on some RL (Real Life) travel and work-related stuff, but as this is my outlet for forgetting about the day-to-day, time to get back to it!

After re-supplying in the local and surrounding systems, I have everything I need to move back into WH space. I posted previously on my sell-off in advance of taking a few days break from EVE.

The exit I took from my last WH Home placed me deep in border territory between high-sec and low-sec, and after scouting around a bit, I am in a great, central area for jumping into the next good looking WH.

Prices for Datacores are still bottomed-out, but the rest of the standard sleeper salvage, for the most part, is holding steady. The highly prized Neurovisual Input Matrix is actually yielding considerable higher than last week. Hopefully we are beginning to see an increase in T3 production.

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