Sunday, July 5, 2009

Follow your own advice.


Even if days go by and not a single ship comes into your system, don't become complacent and let someone slip under your scans. I did not follow my own advice tonight.

A clever scanner in a covops managed to quickly scan down my position and retract his probes in between my system scans. He returned with a Cerberus. Blink! He arrives and warp scrambles my Domi. Immediately thinking the rest of the fleet is about to pounce, I warp out my Drake. A mistake as it turns out - he was solo. To make things worse, My Domi was literally at 10% capacitor from burning my MWD to harvest wrecks. Either extremely lucky, timely, or just plain skilled, he caught my Domi at the worst possible time. I waited a few minutes to see if I could maintain armor repping with a single repper, but I had to keep hitting my second repper while he was raining Terror Rage Assault missiles. The problem was that since I was pretty much out of cap, it was a short time before I was going into structure. If I had full Cap, my Domi drones + Drake Scourge Fury + T2 drones may have done the trick or he would have run out of ammo before my armor succumbed, but alas, the poor Domi was doomed!

I had a good chat with him (excerpts below) - hats off to Unzer of Mobile Alchohol Processing Units (MAPU) - might check out his corp some time.

[03:21:16] Unzer > hey
[03:21:22] LightTraveler > Hey - nice hit
[03:21:29] Unzer > nice fight
[03:21:33] Unzer > i almost ran
[03:21:40] LightTraveler > Funny - I had been scanning regularly - slipped under my watch ;-)
[03:21:47] Unzer > but i realised i had fury missile and overloaded
[03:21:55] LightTraveler > Well, I forgot my ECM Drones - stupid
[03:21:57] Unzer > i was avoiding dropping probes
[03:22:07] Unzer > i got you at the last min with my cov ops
[03:22:10] LightTraveler > I will mention you on my blog
[03:22:22] Unzer > i probed the drake in second and scooped as quickly as possible
[03:22:28] Unzer > then got my cerb
[03:22:38] LightTraveler > nods - nice hit
[03:23:07] LightTraveler > You are the first real hit I have had in a week
[03:23:26] Unzer > if you are in the t3 business my alliance is recruiting
[03:23:32] Unzer > we manuf t3 stuff
[03:23:33] LightTraveler > lol - I was asleep at the wheel, and you snuck in
[03:24:24] Unzer > we have a little project going where we give share for loot and sell the finished product
[03:24:27] Unzer > much more lucrative

Turns out that I did not follow a second piece of my own advice, which is to be dilligent about keeping track of the WH Exit respawns. I later found out that a second High-Sec exit had opened and all of a sudden, half the sector (well OK, 4 different pilots) was trafficking my WH... After 10 days and only seeing one pilot, it was actually interesting to finally witness some much-referenced hostiles.

If I had kept my exits up to date I may have been even more careful.

Well, at least I was insured. Replacement cost, with fittings == 91M ISK + Max Insurance put me just over 109M, so with the insurance payoff the net loss was only 50M ISK. While I was out in HighSec replacing my Domi, on my first trip I went ahead and sold off some more loot from clearing the WH sites yesterday/today, totaling 240M ISK of loot, so definitely in the green for the POS Win/Loss record ;-)

Next to consider: More Class 2's or move to Class 3's (or join up with any one of a dozen corps that have sent an invite).

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