Friday, February 26, 2010

I want your Melted Nanoribbons

OK, In less than 24 hours I have burned through my stock of 400 MNRs.

That means that I am ready to extend the offer I previously convo'd to many of my fellow W-Space dwellers that I am prepared to offer a premium over daily Jita prices for materials, such as MNR's.

Why? Well, I hate waiting for (and managing) market buy orders to fill and think that there is a mutually-beneficial solution here for trusted partners. I get to maintain an inventory with direct suppliers and the suppliers get two things: (1) a premium over standing buy orders in Jita and (2) option to drop the loot at convenient (to both of us) system locations, meaning not necessarily the growingly treacherous Jita run.

For example, as I type, the current standing Jita buy order for MNR's is 5,110,408. If you contacted me for an MNR offload today, I would offer 5,300,000. I will probably settle on a fixed premium over Jita buy orders somewhere between 3-5%. If your current exit is 20 jumps from Jita, we will mutually agree upon a good system for you to put up a personal contract for the loot.

Obviously this does not apply to those of you with the patience and cashflow to post Sell Orders at higher yields, but in my experience it was never worth it to invest the time in constant market order manipulation to eek out an extra 2% margin and as a result I would always take the quick and easy market sell.

As my other stocks diminish, I will maintain this page that will specifically identify what I need, when, and how much.

Hope you are all having a good time in W-Space and may your spawns be frequent and lucrative!

Fly Safe!

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