Monday, February 1, 2010


Similar to the last time I stepped out of WSpace for a short stint, it provides an opportunity to go round-up salvage and other materials that were dropped off at K-space exit points over the course of the last several months.

Typically, these drops take place because I have always maintained the belief that you should never store billions of ISK worth of loot in your W-space POS. In cases where there was not a convenient path to market or simply did not have the time, I had about a dozen locations that needed to be consolidated.

So, I spent some time over the weekend while reading up on global news to fly my Viator and Itty 5 around EVE to get everything back to my new staging base. Mission accomplished - amazing to see what you end up stockpiling. I have over 300 Melted Nano's and datacores in the thousands. Plenty of goods for reverse engineering and T3 production.

I had also amassed an amazing amount of W-space gases that there was frankly no need to react into component materials - I have enough component materials to last to the next ice age and will likely be selling off my hybrid reactions setup. That leaves a LOT of C-70/72/60/84 gas that I will likely take directly to market.

I have been enjoying the reports from the D-GTMI front - I especially enjoyed Manasi's posts and pictures.

Fly Safe!


  1. Aren't you better doing the reactions and selling the finished product? I know very little about the T3 market but there's profit to be made at every stage of the T2 chain.

  2. Gratz on getting all that stuff out safely. I am glad you enjoyed the pic's and the battle coverage :) Wensly/ Kirith Kodachi/ Rattic and a few of the the others all have their own points of view as well. Thanks for the mention :)

  3. Wensley - the Hybrid reactions take a LONG time to complete and in the end, you certainly get the T3 component elements, but at a tiny margin over buying them straight off the market. To be clear, I am talking the lower-end reactions that produce the lower-cost materials (Fulleroferrocene, Methanofullerene, PPD, etc). Since I have never run C5 or higher sites that provide high-end gases, I quickly stockpiled a ton of low-end (low-margin) materials from my Hybrid Reactions (enough for hundreds of T3 ships), and then place buy orders for the higher-end materials (ex: Carbon-86). With less than 8% difference in ISK between selling the low-end gases versus the reacted materials, not worth the time to react the gases...

    Manasi - yeah - I have ready them all. It has been some of the best and most entertaining battle coverage I have seen in my nearly 3 years in Eve. Best of luck out there...

  4. Making a collection of all the various battlereports of that fight actually, is fun to see how both sides report the same thing :)

    Also consolidating, as my alt has stuff lying all over the universe and it needs to be liquidated!

    Soo.. how much worth do you think you have lying around??

  5. Yar - I already ran the Jita market buy order values - a little over 3B ISK worth of stuff. I will likely keep the Melted Nano's and datacores that make up over 60% of that amount for T3 production. Additionally, I have a bunch of T3 subsystems to put up on sell orders - about another 2B ISK worth. Bottom Line - a lot of ISK tied up in T3 materials, components, and finished product. ;-P

  6. Wow. With all that T3 stuff, I'd get selling, bevause they were dropping in price last I heard. As for the battle coverage, I love it! I also love getting both points of view on the blog pack.