Thursday, February 25, 2010

T3 Production Resumes! (In High-Sec)


OK, I am back in the proverbial saddle!

The interesting angle here is that I am continuing with T3 production, but NOT in W-space. I have setup a Large hardened POS in HighSec for Reverse Engineering, Component and Subsystem construction.


Well because it is easier to run my productions from a HighSec POS than a C1 W-Space first off, and with my only real concern being an expensive (on their part) war-dec, I would not lose all that much if it were to fall - I will only be maintaining the bare essentials in the POS, and with my standings and skills with a nearby faction starbase, I do not even have to move my BPOs into the POS for any other Research or Manufacturing.

Comparatively, if I was managing my complete T3 production chain in W-space, literally everything is at risk and W-space POS maintenance is a hassle. That is, of course if you have sufficient standings to put up a HighSec POS, which based on my prior missioning was not a problem.

I will continue to make trips into W-Space, including the occasional Medium POS deployment if I stumble upon a packed system and want to camp there for a while, but essentially my experience has netted a decision to no longer maintain a persistent POS home in W-space.

The only thing I cannot do from my HighSec POS in terms of T3 production is the Hybrid Reactions. However, I reacted enough materials whilst in W-space to last about 10 years - the only market runs I need now are for the Carbon-86 and C3-FTM Acid elements, which I never reacted previously because those source gases do no occur in C3 or less W-space.

So, the story continues, albeit not consisting solely of W-Space!

Fly Safe!


  1. I thought RE had to happen in lowsec? No? That's awesome...

  2. Welcome back. I shouldn't think a war-dec would do much to slow you down anyway.

  3. Good to see you're still in the WH business :)

    Just bought my first (ever) POS and am planning on following your first approach, doing it Mongolian style lol.

    Good luck with your manufacturing :D

  4. Thanks Aliraxi - best of luck on your adventures - drop me a line and let me know how it goes...

    Casiella - yeah, I had the same misconception - the only thing that is required to do in LowSec/W-Space is the Hybrid Reactions, which as I mentioned I will no longer be performing (i.e. I will place buy orders on market what what I do not have in stock).

    Latro - Thanks - you never know about war-decs... ;-P