Saturday, February 6, 2010

Red Frog Freight Service

I had heard of Red Frog Freight Service nearly a year ago from another pilot that was using the service for POS refueling and consolidation of their corp hangars. So, since I had recently pulled out of Wspace and my entire POS portfolio was (albeit in a single location) far away from my desired base of operations, I decided to look up Red Frog and get a better idea of how it worked and what the freight services would cost.

Much to my surprise, it was dirt-cheap and nearly instantaneous. I had more than 3 Billion ISK worth of POS fittings, ships, fuel, supplies, and loot that I wanted to relocate 26 jumps to my "permanent" base in Lonetrek.

With a max m3 of 860,000 m3 per contract and a max collateral of 1B ISK, this actually worked out perfectly divided into 3 separate contracts. The process was pretty simple - divide up the ships and cargo to no more than 860,000 m3 per batch and then create a courier contract for each batch.

I had a couple of "comfort" questions I posted to their channel in terms of how the process worked, but within 36 hours, all 3 contracts were completed and the total cost to move this immense amount of equipment was....wait for it...less than 29M ISK. Yes, for under 30M ISK, I saved myself roughly 47 52-jump round-trip efforts in max-rigged Iteron V. That spells more than 2,400 total jumps that I did not have to grind, nor sweat out the prospect of HighSec ganking considering the cargo value.

To say that I found this service invaluable would be a gross understatement. I actually ended up tipping the three pilots that completed the contracts an additional 10M ISK per pilot just because I though the value was so high and the cost was so low.

As I mentioned above, they also offer HighSec POS Refueling contracts - something I will be considering heavily in the coming weeks.

Hats-off to Red Frog Freight Service, their great service, and impeccable results (success rate at 99.9%).

Fly Safe!♦


  1. Heh, Red Frog is part of my alliance. Glad to see you liked their services. :)

  2. Wow, that is freaking awesome. I've read about RedFrog in the Eve Forums, and they're rated quite highly. I haven't had the need to use their services, but if I ever find myself in that situation....

    It's amazing to watch creative pilots use their powers for good instead of evil. (Chribba's capital escrow, the buy a ready-made 7.0 faction corp guy, and various others)

  3. Damn - I've spent the last week or so relocating myself due to a reluctance to repackage my ships. Next time I'll pay for a freight service and it's great to have recommendations!

  4. Oh, so you got the standings for a high-sec pos??

    And aye, have heard of em too.. Only good.

  5. I try to use Red Frog for all my business alt corp's hauling requirements. They've been both timely and efficient.

  6. when i was carrying my bs about 20 jumps i was ready to pay 10m anybody who would be able to move it instead of me, so thanks for the tip

  7. Hello, been reading for a while, and was just wondering when you talk about salvage, what you mean by NIM's? O.o

  8. Ali - NIM is a reference to Neurovisual Input Matrix, which in the early days of the Apochrypha release held the highest ISK value for Sleeper salvage. After a CCP change (nerf),however, NIM's essentially dropped in value precipitously and now the most valuable salvage item are MNR's (Melted Nanoribbons).

  9. Ahh... Thanks, that would explain why I was confused by your comments of 9m per and they're currently about 8k :)

  10. I looked at your first post again a while ago, and I noticed you said you would talk about your low sec plexing adventures. I also realized I am still interested in hearing about said adventures, and what sort of ship(s) you used for such ventures.
    Hope to hear more from you, so keep flying. :)

  11. I have spent the last 2 days reading through your blogs and have to say WOW! Excellent preparation reading before we relocate into the hole!

    One of my mates was left behind in a C3 due to a glitch and emergency reboot. He is back online today and told us about the one POS who has changed their name to "Abondoned Destroy me"

    He went into his pod and going to check it out now to see if it is actually offlined. Medium Amarr with a bunch of accessories.

    Is there any way of taking this with us? I am assuming that it will still have a passwd and can this be hacked?

    Your thoughts would be helpful! Thanx for the encyclopdia of experience btw...

  12. Seafog - for the LowSec plexing I was stationed out of Hykanima and had a few ships there, including my CovOps Helios, Drake, and Domi.

    I would typically start in the Covops and run a circuit through the surrounding systems for good plex sites, also taking note of where the camps were and safe routes.

    I would bookmark all the sigs I wanted to run and then go back for the Drake and Domi. I typically ran plexes in systems with stations so that if I saw pilots with negative standings I would quickly align and prepare to dock up. Over time I made deep safe spots in most systems.

    I ended up using that CovOps for scouting ahead a LOT, so I got pretty well versed in camp-busting, which helped out in W-space.

    Just getting back online with Eve - you will see more posts soon!

    Fly Safe

  13. Anon - best of luck in your W-space adventures!

    In terms of abandoned POS's, the only thing you can do is to destroy the POS, which will allow you to unanchor any surrounding arrays, etc.

    In some cases, you will find a POS that may not have been purposely abandoned, in which case you can contact the corp and ransom an entrypoint WH - I know pilots that have sold passage back to mistakenly abandoned POS's for close to 1B ISK.

    But no, no way to hack a password or do anything there short of destroying the POS if you want to grab the arrays/defenses. If there was a lab, you could destroy the lab in the hope that it dropped some valuable BPOs or other, but typically not in a case where they purposely abandoned it...

    Fly Safe!