Monday, February 1, 2010

More love bestowed on my Viator

OK, so the last station to clear out was in Dal, which is a LowSec system next door to the border system of Anamake - a notoriously rough place to be in an industrial...

With some heavy tonnage worth of goods (all sorts of POS fittings, most each in excess of 4,000m3), this was not a job for the Helios. However, my base was nearly 16 jumps away, and I did not want to run 11 full round-trips. So, I devised a plan whereby I parked my two Itty 5's in HighSec just outside of the border to LowSec, then sent my Viator in for the relatively short 4 trips each way to essentially ferry out the expensive goods.

So, although there were camps in both Anamake and Dal, I made 11 round trips, through both camps coming and going each trip, and got all of the goods out to HighSec. Once there, I simply loaded it all up in the Itty's and the main and alt transported it all back to my staging system.

FYI - I had scouted the 2 gate camps and was relatively confident that they were not fitting smart bombs, which essentially allowed me to go ahead and proceed with the Viator plan.

Like I said in an earlier post - I am beginning to enjoy my Viator - all the benefits of a Covops, but with an actual cargohold.

Fly Safe!


  1. Oh phew, I thought they had shot ye. ;)

    Would be ironic if you were to be ganked in the itty V after all them roundtrips.

    On that note, being a famous blogger can be a litle risky for you.. writing on how much wealth you ferry around could make some nasty pirates use a locator agent and hunt/suicide ye.
    But I guess it makes life more interesting eh?

  2. In our last episode ( ) we talked a bit about your experiences with the transport ships and expanded on it a bit.

  3. I fully agree with you, we should get some fender stickers made "I love my Viator"

  4. Love blockade runners. Love em. They are the only way to haul in low-sec.

  5. I just got the skills for my Prorater and Covert Cloak (named "Pill Bug").

    Cant wait to flip the bird to gate camps as i pass.


  6. Hahah - I could not help myself - on my last return trip I posted to local something like: "Very effective gatecamp boys"...

  7. You're just _asking_ for it, SD. But great job getting the loot outta lowsec.

  8. You are more Brave then me. I am still scared to enter lowsec.