Monday, February 1, 2010

Google Analytics Stats

Wensley at Rifter Drifter recently posted his Google Stats, which drove me to check my stats for the first time in over a year! Very interesting to see your traffic distribution, sources of traffic, etc. As such, here is a quick recap and at the bottom, my thoughts...

January GA Stats:

  • 49,486 Views on 21,247 Unique Visitors
  • 40.82% new visitors in January
  • Avg Time on site is 2:51
  • 40% US
  • 11% UK
  • 9% Canada
  • 6% Germany
  • 5% Aussies
  • 2.7% Netherlands
  • 2% each for Sweden, Denmark, France, Poland
  • ...then 77 other countries under 1%
  • Iceland (CCP!) at 0.33%
Traffic Sources:
  • 65% Search Engines - Nearly all Google, where are Yahoo! (.03%) and Bing! (0%)?
  • Top keywords were all about "eve wormhole" and close variants combined at 17% of searches, the rest being names of sleeper sites
  • 19% Direct Traffic
  • 16% Referring Sites - Facebook (6%), (2.65%), crazykinux (1.96%), Mynxee/ (1%), long list of others at under 1%.
Most popular pages in January:
Most popular pages in December:

  • Interesting to see that the traffic is so dispersed across all posts - a lot of visitors appear to read through all the posts - nearly as many views of prior months posts as current-month posts.
  • Hardly any referring traffic. I have not jumped on the EVE Tweet bandwagon, nor have I campaigned for any kind of premium links from others - just interesting to note that other than Kinux, not a ton of referring traffic.
  • Shocks me that my first-ever post on this blog, from June 25th 2009, still gets some of the highest pageviews of all of my (currently 121) posts.
  • The most-read post ever? The first-ever post, but excluding that, it is the post on EVE Grids and WH Exit management. I suppose that is not too surprising, considering it generated a whopping 22 comments, all of which were good posts instead of one-liners...
  • Most commented post? A recent one: Blockade Runner Transports == WIN with 23 comments.
Fly Safe!


  1. we talked lots about these two last posts on our latest podcast (in case you missed it) and I linked to those posts on our blog :-)

    good topics and as always - great discussions! :-)

    PS: not sure if it's you or someone else I talked to in the past - but in case you are staying near Seattle give me a ping - I am here till next week so if you are here we could go out for a beer and talk wormholes :-D


  2. I am in Seattle, but traveling to NYC through next week. Raincheck!