Friday, January 29, 2010

What I am NOT doing

Well, even with just my first 12 hours in 3 months outside of W-space, I can attest to what a difference POS maintenance in W-Space represents in term of EVE commitments.

As such, here is a list of things that I will not be doing daily:
  • Logging in from work 3-4 times per day to check on T3 jobs, starting new reactions, component jobs and subsystem jobs, and making sure there are no recent POS attacks.
  • Logging in nightly for 3+ hours to scan any new exits, clear any new spawns, and evaluate adjoining exits for safety/closure.
  • Constantly monitoring fuel reserves for rare HighSec refueling opportunities
  • Not stressing over whether or not I cleared all possible sleeper sites before another pilot does
All of this ties into my recent post on the demands of W-Space colonization - a "must-read" IMHO.

Fly Safe!


  1. You poor thing, life will be so empty!

    Start a reaction pos! :P

  2. hey hey ....well since you are out...take some time and just enjoy the many wonders in EVE...take a sight seeing tour...log on and do nothing but chat....enjoy the break from the demanding W-Holes.

  3. I understand your sentiment and enjoyment from escaping the WH-POS commitment however I do not agree with the stress of clearing sleeper sites. As the sleeper sites respawn I dont claim "ownership" over them and if someone beats me to them - good luck to them. I have actually gained on a number of occasions where some wh visitors have failed to clear radar/mag sites thus allowing me to finish them off and even loot the odd bc wreck.

    Enjoy your vacation and I look forward to your return blogs.

  4. Gather a group of shuttles and fly into 0.0 to see a titan. That´s fun. But use an alt, because noone will survive. :D
    Take your time to relax from W-space living.