Thursday, January 14, 2010

System Cleared

Last night I finished the last of the sleeper sites and I must say, it was a chore. With nearly 60 sites originally, only a half-dozen were cleared by visitors when I was offline - this meant a LOT of grinding and a lot of valuable loot.

Enough so that I now stashed more than 250 Melted Nano's (and enough hybrid polymers to seemingly last years) stashed away in concord space for future T3 production. More on that in another post.

So for now, other than the 7 Grav sites that are literally untouched other than the roids I harvest to support hybrid reactions, my system is clear and further efforts will again focus on hitting the adjoining systems.

Funny story - as I was going back and running salvage (I typically clear 3-5 sites and then return with my Cormorant salvager for REALLY fast salvaging), I arrive at one site and see a Zephyr sitting there. My first thought - BAIT! So, I align to my base and target the Zephyr to see what happens - absolutely nothing... Obviously, said Zephyr pilot is AFK. A quick check of the pilot info shows that he is a member of a big Russian alliance, so I decide to cap me a Zephyr - I BM his location and return with a Drake that, unlike my Cormorant, actually has firepower.

For some reason, though, my Warp landed me 25km off target (yes, tackle FAIL), so I lock anyways and race with AB active to get into tackle range, firing missiles as I went. Apparently the first missile or two awoke the groggy pilot and he escaped with 50% structure. He had come in through a HighSec K162, which was quickly put into Verge of Collapse.

Also, a great string of Reverse Engineering successes to report on the actual BPCs I wanted! Always a bonus when you actually get desired T3 BPCs...

Fly Safe!


  1. The silly things that people do in occupied W-Space constantly amazes me.

    Had a Merlin pop in to our wormhole this morning, (wormhole is about to collapse in both time and stability...) and see him warp off, then after looking around, warp back to the, now closed, site of his entrance.


    Suffice to say, he podded himself and saved us the trouble, and his corpse now decorates our W-Space. Good times.

  2. Hmm, you probably know this and forgot in all the excitment of capping a zephyr, but a T2 warp disruptor will hit 28km overloaded.

  3. Heheh - I only had a measly T1 warp disruptor.