Monday, January 4, 2010

Hey there, Nice W-Space Setup

I toured the newly adjoining C2 this evening (just prior to my outing into K-Space that got me podded), and came upon a Russian corp POS. They were taking down a Ladar Site and not exactly being watchful (I toured the POS and Ship Scanned their Ladar ship at work and warped to 100km to convo).

I used the babelfish site within the In-Game Browser (IGB) to converse in broken Russian about how nicely laid out their POS setup looked, but too much of a language barrier. I closed the WH (well, on verge actually) and got on with my eventual podding.

Here is a good look at their layout (2x Hybrid Reaction sets, Subsystem Assembly, Large Assembly Array, multiple Corp Hangars and a Ship Maintenance Array, plus good defensive setup-not shown for their benefit, all METICULOUSLY anchored):

Upon returning LightTraveler to W-Space, now that the slots are opened up (I have max 4 jobs limit and 2 were consumed by a long-since completed BPO copy in K-Space) I resumed Reverse Engineering (RE) jobs.

Fly Safe! *(And curse lag)*


  1. you call that good??

    you will need to travel at least 3K to move stuff inside the various silos / reactors. That's just looking good but from efficiency side this just sucks big time imho :-)

  2. Heheh - true. I suppose that is why all of my units are clustered around one of my hangars - I can interact with any silo/reactor if I am sitting near the hangar. But, thought it looked great anyways...

  3. Crazy Russians, maybe its the years of hard piracy but i always get nervious when i see Russian on the scanner :)