Thursday, January 14, 2010

The demands of W-Space Colonization

I have seemingly reached a point in my W-Space experience where I can honestly say I need a break. After clearing this latest system and stockpiling an amazing amount of T3 materials, I am ready to leave W-space for a while.

The key issue here is that W-space life requires a nearly constant vigil on the POS and the W-space system. I suppose that goes for anyone maintaining an active POS, but in W-space, it is combined with a "use it or lose it" race to capitalize on all of the available resources before someone else does.

As a result, I found my EVE online time skyrocket recently from a relatively (in my terms) stable and reasonable 4-6 hours per week to an incredible 20-30 hours per week, mostly in the late night hours, but has also intruded into RL impact. This is simply not sustainable. Back when I was running LowSec exploration sites (ad before that, missioning), I could go for days without logging in and simply log time when convenient. Recently, I have felt chained to my W-space operation - not optimal.

So, I will be tearing down my W-space operation as soon as I can get a good exit and focus for a while on T3 production and continue to complete my max skills for mining (an area where I continue to leave a ton of ISK behind in the form of W-space Grav sites).

I will not be selling off the POS and fittings - I will return to W-space soon enough - just a needed break from the constant W-space POS vigil...

Fly Safe!


  1. One man's trash...

    The thing that attracts Katt and I MOST about W-Space is that we HAVE to log in or risk losing our stuff. It keeps us interested and alert where prior to moving into W-Space we were just coasting along not really bothering to do anything much of anything.

    Enjoy your break though! Stepping back when you need to is important.

  2. totally agree that it can take alot out of you. i just started another semester at my university and for the last week i've only been able to skill and a few hours (due to corp abandoning POS, i had to fly my t3 out as noone else could).

  3. well it's either to take a break and start all over again or joining an already existing wspace corp so that you don't have to worry about running everything on your own ;-) That way you can take a break but still be able to log only for a few hrs per week to play when you are able.

    I hope you won't stop blogging though!

    See you in wspace!

  4. Your adventures will surely be missed.

  5. Hope your decision is going well SD, I think after the success and fun you've had, it's a good time to call a break before you tire yourself completely.

    On an unrelated note, I've been hearing about people's difficulties finding a new wormhole and I've been fortunate to come across a wh I can't use due to it's bonuses. It's a C2 Wolf-Rayet (+18% Armor Resistance, -18% Shield Resistance) with ~55 sites.

    I've given it a WTS thread on the EVE-O Fora for all the details ( If any of your readers are interested, they'll be given priority as well as a hefty discount.

    If anyone is interested, please contact me ingame so I know you're a reader.

  6. Good find LordRay - hope you get a good buyer!

    Thanks for the comments - just to be clear, I will still be posting, just more about T3 production.

  7. Would you be interested in selling the location of your wh as you leave? I would be interested in purchasing the location to move a pos in after you have vacated.

  8. Well SD you are always welcome to come visit our operations, once we are up and running. Would happily welcome another experienced player.


  9. Thanks Mick - I might just do that.

    Anon - sorry - I am leaving a scanning alt in-system. I may decide to return shortly. I will post a WTS order if I do want to sell it here:

  10. I totally empathize. I got sick of WH living after about 5 months and decided to head to null sec. Being in a Corp really helps with the upkeep thing, you can share the refueling and scanning tasks. CCRES is a very organized C6 Corp worth checking out if you want to try out the most intense WH content.

  11. Everybody needs a break sometimes, better to take a mini-one before you really truly burn out.