Monday, January 18, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: All Jita Scams attributed to Spectre3353!

Breaking news from EVE Online - the recent departure of Spectre3353 has been tied to the recent absence of literally all Jita scams! CCP sources who have recently posted about the complete drop in Jita scam activity have tied the recent trend to the recent decision by Spectre3353 to cease engaging in Jita scams (and EVE in general, for now...).

"What are all of the petition researchers going to do now?", questioned a CCP source that desired anonymity. He continues - "With the current volume drop of petitions stemming from this extreme drop-off in Jita scamming, we may have to literally sack some employees."

Although Spectre could not be reached for comment, he was rumored to be rolling in vast piles of ISK he recently acquired in Jita scams.

What the long-term impact of Jita local and CCP petition workers will be is currently unknown. All this pilot can say is "Hey, could you throw some of that ill-gotten ISK my way"...

NOTE: The entirety of this post is PURE FICTION and intended only to reference Spectre's recent departure contest and to wish him all the best in his GL and RL endeavors. I for one expect to see him back in action in under 3 months... ;-P

Fly Safe!


  1. Try buying any kind of iteron around the metropolis area, almost every single one has been bought up and the prices have all been jacked up to the 700m-1.5b range.

    Always look before you leap.

  2. Spectre has quit EVE,
    noobs are begging for his stuff,
    watching them scramble.

    Killed me in low sec,
    blew up my hurricane too,
    was quite a good trap.

    A lot of isk lost,
    but lots of fun all around,
    take care and good luck.

    I did not know you,
    except your guns business end,
    can I have your stuff.