Monday, January 11, 2010

Quiet Night...

In contrast to the last few sessions online, I was able to login tonight and simply confirm that there were no K162's, the system was vacant of hostiles, and I could just grind out the sleeper sites while running some T3 component manufacturing.

Cleared 22 sites tonight for a total of 96 Melted Nano's - pretty good yield on the market, but these are going towards T3...

Just about time to start bringing the subsytems to market - pretty excited about that, although I am keeping some select subsystems for my own...

Fly Safe!


  1. Katt and I, over in 'Our Slice of Heaven' (as we've fondly dubbed our W-Space) have just recently started down the long road to T3 production.

    If it's not too much to ask, how did you determine the viability, isk wise, of producing ships?

    What I mean is, I'm having a devil of a time adding up the value of all the different components (And the components components!!) to work out if the finished product will be more valuable than just selling the original loot. Any advice would be welcome! :)

  2. Answer: Massive spreadsheet. Quiv will second this. I basically mirrored the matrices published in the T3 production guide from the EON article and applied current Jita prices for all elements.

    All the way from what each of the raw materials costs are in terms of market sale value to component values to subsystem values.

    What you will find is that it is not profitable to produce all subsystems. Some subsystems are selling for less than what the cost of materials in Jita would be (e.g. you are better off selling the melted nano's rather than building the subsystem).

    You also have to pay very close attention to your reverse engineering (RE) costs, as you will have to invest in non-wspace datacores and likely the wrecked (or malfunctioning or intact) artifacts unless you already have a large supply.

    My biggest "out of pocket" expense is certain hybrid polymers (namely Carbon-86 Epoxy Resin) for which I do not have access to the required gas types (i.e. only from higher class Wspace), so I have to buy the gas and react of buy the polymers directly.

    However, you have to be sure about the opportunity cost of selling the loot -vs- the upside yield from subsystem manufacturing. The variable is RE, as the subsystem is random within the type (ex: offensive, defensive, etc.) you are trying. Lately I keep getting "successes" that are actually failures because they are BPC's not worth manufacturing.

  3. Thanks for the answer, it's greatly appreciated!

    Spreadsheeting isn't my BEST point, but I guess I'm gonna have to knuckle down and get it done.

  4. He can allways e-mail it to you if the isk mods or bpo bpc are right!