Thursday, January 28, 2010

Exiting W-Space

A rare and convenient HighSec exit opened yesterday and I had logged on just in time to get about 75% of the transport effort completed before downtime for the Dominion patch.

I had a handful of subsystem assembly jobs remaining anyways, so today I logged in from work and spent the 90 seconds needed to kick those off. Once I get a chance to login tonight I will be taking down the remaining POS structures and evaluate the best LowSec exit to take everything out. Hopefully another nice HighSec exit opens, but it had been close to a month prior to this recent HighSec exit...

So, although I found some great neighbors in a really nice C2 with the right static exits, I need to take a short break from W-space. I will continue my T3 production in the near future, and will likely just spend some intermittent time on getting my Caldari toon's Gallente standings back up to avoid future mishaps. I will likely leave the scanning alt in-system just in case I have a hard time finding a good home in the future.

Not a true hiatus from Eve, just turning down the volume to catch my proverbial breath.

Fly Safe!


  1. Well SD, if you ever want to run a few days in w-space, just let us know.

    We will have a drake, ferox and covetor ready for you.


  2. Thanks Mick. Standing offer applies - I will offer to buy Melted Nano's at above "Buy Order" prices to anyone interested for my T3 production. So, if you want something higher that Buy Order prices but do not want to wait for your Sell Order for cash-flow, drop me an email and we can coordinate on a direct contract. I am willing to deal (and actually preferred) outside of Jita and "will travel"...

    Fly Safe