Saturday, January 16, 2010

Evaluating W-Space System Traffic

I have begin using the DOTLAN maps site for some time now, but only recently became aware that these maps and system data had been extended to cover W-space systems as well. The syntax is simply:{systemid}


I have found them to be invaluable in terms of assessing traffic to my own system when I have not been online and for evaluating adjoining systems to determine the resident's (if any) activity and timezone(s).

For example, if you look at a typical system (this happens to be my most recent adjoining system), you can see that although there is some recent jump activity (2 of the jumps were me), there has been very little sleeper site action.

This site happened to have a ton of sleeper sites and a VERY well defended and established POS with dual active hybrid reactions systems running. So obviously an incumbent, but one that does not necessarily seem interested in the sleeper sites, or at least not in the last few days.

With this information, I can determine with some level of confidence when the residents will be online/in-system and provide me a safer time-line for me to clear some sites while they are offline. It also provides a good indication of how "trafficked" the system is and may influence your decision on whether or not to close the WH to the system.

This system, for example, had a high jump count, so I assumed that it may have a HighSec exit - which it did.

Good to use all tools available!

Fly Safe!


  1. That's a REALLY nice tool. Thanks for posting about it!!

  2. Be curious to know how they get that info, considering you cant find it in game.

  3. Hey man, thanks for blogging this, my home system is now set as a homepage in firefox