Sunday, January 10, 2010

Marooned in NullSec

Well, in attempting to close a new K162 from NullSec, I managed to overestimate the remaining mass and got my Star Defender toon marooned all the way into deep, deep nullsec. F76-8Q to be exact.

Yes, in between my location and home was the largest battleground in Eve.

So, I chart a course around all of the heavy action and 43 jumps later, 39 of those in NullSec, I managed to squeak by 3 gatecamps that I can only say I survived because I was "going in the wrong direction" - all the gatecamps were on the destination side of my warps, not the entrypoints.

So, although I was in a Caldari Navy Raven (yes, I was going for BS mass on closing the exit and yes I was dumb enough to risk a 4ooM fit CNR for WH busting, I can hear it already...), I managed a few quick aligns to various stellar bodies and maintain a step ahead of some pursuers, and got lucky enough to make it back to HighSec. Whew!

Seeing that I had brought my trusty old CNR missioning ship out of the dust bin on a whim, I decided this was a great opportunity to park it back in friendly territory, then flew the rest of my way back to my current LowSec exit (another 42 jumps) in a shuttle.

Basically a wasted night of fying all over New Eden, but managed to get a very expensive ship back to safety and learned another lesson on W-space exit management.

Fly Safe!


  1. Haha! Im pretty new to WH's myself and had a very similer experience.

    I found a wh to an empty Amarr system from Minny space and ran a small mining op from there with a few friends.

    A few nights later I find a WH to an unclaimed system in the Drone regions of nil sec. I tell my friends that went with me to the Amarr system, we should try this out! Granted none of us are really combat pilots and have zero experience with drones, (ive heard they are pretty easy) we decided to not do it.

    The next day im out doing my solo mining like normal and when im right clicking space I see the bookmark titeld "Drone Regions". Just out of curiosity I go and check it out. To my suprise its still there! I hop thru the hole w/o checking info just to see if anyone is in local and also check the constillation to see if anyone is around on the big map.

    I then alt tab out and start looking for friends to see if they are intrested(twitter, Texting, making posts on facebook) and in the background I can hear it....

    The Wormhole collapsed!

    Im stuck in the middle of the drone regions with a rigged covoter and a head filled with +3's.


    Rather than just give up, I figured I should give it a shot to try to get back to high sec.

    About 5 jumps out, I ran into a local with a tech 2 cruiser ready to curbstomp anyone not blue to him.

    He asked me if I was a friend, and I told him no, im a nuet that got lost in a wormhole.

    He thinks its pretty funny, and im just sitting there in front of him feeling like I dropped the soap with a covoter.

    I thought, why not, "How much for passage back to Hi Sec?" He gets into the sec channels, and tells no one to shoot me and I get a two man escort back to Hi Sec!

    The whole way back I'm thinking, Ive never had such a cool experience in any other game ive played! Maybe one of the coolest experiences Ive ever had!

  2. Classic Eve - never know if you are going to tangle with friendlies or gankers, sometimes one in the same depending on the mood...

    Great story.

  3. My hat is off to you sir. 39 jumps through 0.0 in any ship, let alone a CNR is a feat. I am guessing you got lucky and the gate camps weren't bubbled? Even having a gate camp on the "wrong way" out of a system would land your BS either on a large bubble, or pulled 30-50km off a gate from a small bubble. I'm an old hand at risky 0.0 runs, but your story definitely trumps all of my experiences. Well done.

  4. since we are sharing stories...

    back when we where in the old Planet Risk, the C2 with static 0.0 I decided to go do some ratting... to cut a long story short, I lost my ship and got hull damage on my pod... my head with +4s...

    I rush back to the wh only to find it's collapsed. I log off and log on my alt (still back in PR) and scan down a new 0.0 exit.

    Turns out it was 44 jumps away from where the previous location was. the region between it was Curse if I remember correctly... A couple of jumps in I oock to try and find a cov ops ship but no avail. Shuttle it is then.

    I managed to reach back into PR without losing my pod and those 44 jumps where pure adrenaline! I still have the shuttle I used and keep her somewhere as a souvenir.

  5. I have been amazed at the "fun" that Wormholing has provided.

    Still my favorite is getting stranded in a class 2 with my abby and orca. Talk about not knowing how to close a hole.

    So there I sit next morning with no probing ability and ready to "throw in the towel". Decide what the heck and throw a jetcan with a SOS message. Log on again an hour later and I have a message. Quickly get a chat going and find a very willing prober willing to lead me out for 100M. So saved probably 800M-1B in ship and implants for the best 100M I ever spent.


  6. My recurring nightmare is getting Katt locked out because I didn't count jumps properly.

    Glad that it didn't prove fatal to your CNR.

  7. Honestly, it's for adventures like that that I play Eve. Great stories, both.

  8. burger - correct - not a bubble to be seen. I was extremely lucky, including twice where the gatecamp ships followed me through the gate and I just happened to be nearly aligned with a planet and I was able to align and warp just as they were locking me.

    Great stories as well Mick and Quiv.

    Sounds like you are not officially a W-Space vet until you have closed yourself out of a WH in some nether region... ;-P

    Fly Safe

  9. If you could get a CNR through 39 0.0 systems and 3 gatecamps your talents are wasted running wormholes :P

  10. Iantine - heheheh - helps to have nearly all align-time related skills to 5. That and loads of luck. ;-)

    With Dominion, I can feel the pull of NullSec.

    I was amazed how many nullsec systems were literally empty - I would say that "deep" nullsec was utterly vacant - I really only started seeing locals once I got < 10 jumps from concord space.

    I have jumped out previously into deep nullsec (a prior W-space had a nullsec static) and could rat for hours and never see anyone pass through in local.

  11. You sir, are one crazy SOB ;). I can't believe you got a CNR through 43 low-sec jumps...some pretty fancy flying man.


  12. I managed to get an Orca trapped in 0.0 this way. D:

    However, I had my scan ship on the outside, the the Orca was fit with a cloak for just this scenario.

    I managed to find another WH several hops away, to lowsec; and carefully took the Orca there and made it back to hisec.