Sunday, January 17, 2010

No emoragequit...

I think I need to clarify something from the prior post - nowhere in the post was an emoragequit, and I laughed it off in local. I had already mentioned I was taking a break, which was prior to the gank. With the ISK in my wallet, 300M is not a real hit, just bitching about the lost effort.

Quick update - Already cleared Radar/Mag 9 sleeper sites in the adjoining system today - I may park a scanner alt there, as it appears to have C3, C5 and HighSec statics, which is extremely rare - either that or one of those exits is one of those equally rare Non-K162, Non-recurring exits. Regardless, there was an abandoned Small POS there with arrays anchored - if it is still unoccupied I will likely check it out soon. There are still over 30 regular sleeper sites remaining, so this system has not really seen recent action.

Other than running the 9 sites, today was really just spent checking into Eve every few hours to cycle through the next Refine batch. I wanted to refine all my ores before I transport out of here.

Fly Safe!

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  1. hehe that is funny :) emoragequit
    i sware it used to just be called ragequit

    meh 300mil is a commen loss in eve iv lost battleships and clones worth more
    all that happens is you learn and make tones more ISK in the process of inpoveing your gameplay
    C3 and C5 dam that is rare i would be serprised if that POS was not active in some way

    take care and fly safe