Friday, January 22, 2010

New Neighbors

In a case of intriguing coincidence - last night I happened to be chatting with Mick online and we were discussing the 7 untouched Grav Sites in my system. We agreed that I should warp-to-cancel on all of them to trigger a faster respawn cycle.

Just as I was wrapping up with Mick and prepping to do so, I get a convo request from a Mining corp in an adjoining C2. They were salivating over all the tonnage of untouched Frontier Grav sites and were asking if a peaceful mining corp could join me in the system. After a little deliberation, I agreed (much to the chagrin of some nameless others who thought otherwise ;-P).

Risky, but as always I look at how to expand horizons in this game. Although there was a perfect gank opportunity, I actually looked forward to getting a neighbor and watched dscan and combat probed for any traffic while they moved in. A pretty efficient move I must say, and they had their POS, Orca, Hulks, Covetors, and all the rest of their ships all stowed away in just under 3 hours.

I volunteer when available to clear the token sleeper presence when they take on the next grav site, just so they do not have to swap out ships. I actually got a kick out of fleeting up tonight just to warp out to their operation to see what a large mining fleet looks like - have never seen one "live".

Talk about 'Roid PWNAGE! Below are some pics (corp and names anonymous by request) - and one funny comment from the crew once I told them to smile and look nice for the camera: "Dohh! You should have let us bring out the Hulks!" - they were even nice enough to pose the Orca on the field for a quick screenshot as well.

Bottom Line - actually good to see the yield being generated out of the Gravs - if you read this blog you are familiar with my typical banter on how much ISK is being left on the proverbial table...

As always, Fly Safe!


  1. Thats an interesting twist to WH management, sharing the WH can give mutual support however the extra fire power for clearing sites etc could leave you with a shortage in the future. My WH atm has been bereft of any Grav sites for the last week but fortunately the Ladar sites are still in abundance.
    Nice pictures :)

  2. Actually I should have clarified - mutually exclusive arrangement - they get all grav sites, I get everything else.

  3. I still say you should have warped to all the grav sites first.

    But seriously, are they at least giving the host a cut of the mins?



  4. Wow. That's a lot of strip mining LAZOR PEWPEW-ness. I'm glad it turned out for you. The cynic in me figured it was a bad idea, but I suppose I might have thought about how they would feel too. You could've totally blown those Covetors to smithereens with nary a thought.

  5. It's good that you're expanding your horizons. As long as they don't betray you, it seems that only good can come of the relationship. Are they briefed on your system management, though? If they accidentally started messing with timers and stuff...

  6. Heheh - Just being a friendly neighbor. And yes, they are briefed on WH management and at least one is actually a reader of this very blog. ;-)

  7. Good for you. I am sure that it can prove a worthwhile and hopefully profitable venture for both parties. Above all, as you say, there are opportunities in EVE for all kinds of experience including the thoughtful ones ;)

  8. i really wish more people were like you Star, love how the agreement worked out for you and them.