Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Final Tally for this C1

Final Tally for all 34 sites was 503,310,384 ISK. The issue was basically that so few of the wrecks dropped the Melted Nanoribbons.

The sites were:
  • 13x Perimeter Ambush Point
  • 12x Perimeter Camp
  • 7x Phase Catalyst Node
  • 1x The Line
  • 1x Forgotten Perimeter Coronation Platform
With that, all that is left are 2x Grav and 5x Ladar sites. Not really planning on sticking around to clear them, so next online time will be jumping out of the static lowsec and scanning for other WH's.

Fly Safe!


  1. I found your site by accident a couple of months ago while looking up information on changes that had been made to the game recently(ish, as my account has been inactive for a long time) your interesting blog as well as the huge changes made to the scanning system and addition of the whole wormhole mechanic inspired me to re-activate my account. I've been having a lot of fun running 'day trips' while searching for a c2 to plant myself in. I bought myself a POS setup, but unfortunately it's been collecting dust for the last 3 weeks while searching for an unoccupied c2. w-space seems to be quit busy now =). Thanks for the blog and helping to suck me back into this game. I didn't realize how much I missed space till I came back.

    Fly safe!

  2. vaer - first off, welcome back!

    Glad this blog helped - keep in touch and let me know how your POS deployment fares...

  3. i would hope they wud expand the # of WH's especially with the advent that in dominion nullsec can now "pull wormholes" to them with upgrades... that and the lack of current low traffic un-used WH's shud be looked at by ccp, but i do love this blog ...

    how much cash you think you could have pulled from the ladar and grav sites? i mean high end ores are big money makers and so is gas, unless they were really small why'd u leave it?

  4. I have left billions of ISK worth of Grav site mining behind. This is simply because I do not enjoy mining. I am max skilled for mining and refining and am training up for a mining barge, essentially to do it as efficiently as possible, but I just am not a big fan of mining, plain and simple.

    Most of the gas sites were lower-quality gas, so not as much "left on the table" there, but I will be doing some gas and roid mining for hybrid reactions...