Sunday, November 1, 2009

What is old is new again...

Talk about karma!

After a system-failure-induced 4-week hiatus from EVE, before I can even begin my second round of probing, I get a convo request from one Zendane of Phoibe Enterprises (Member of SOLAR WING). Now, I was AFK at the time of the request, and had no idea how long it had been, but I responded and he laid a proverbial bombshell on me.

Turns out his corp stumbled into my old, abandoned POS. Yes, the Class 2 POS home that yielded me Billions of ISK, which I later abandoned because I was too spoiled to bother spending 4+ hours offlining and unanchoring everything.

After a fun chat, Zendane offered to meet me in a lowsec entrance and fleet me back to the POS.

Next karma fact - only 13 jumps from my Amarr staging base! It less than 10 minutes to run over in my Covops to meet Zendane and his corp, fleet up, and bingo - we arrived.

Funny thing is: The entire POS setup was virtually untouched. What a thrill/rush to see the old domicile in such great shape! The POS Tower itself, all 8 ECM Batteries, the Webification and Warp Disruption Batteries, and all 12 of the the Guns! Only a couple had been shot at and needed minor repairs. The only two structures destroyed were the Corporate Hangar and Ship Maintenence arrays. When I abandoned this POS, the Ship Maint array was empty and the Hangar had some C-70 gases.

After a quick scan of the system showed a fairly well stocked system, I made the decision to send my alt in with fuel and power the sucker up!

It was a little nerve-racking to bring the Iteron Mark V through LowSec at peak online time, but now I was motivated. My Covops serving as scout, I made it through unscathed. Was nice to have a fully prepped transport ready to go with fuel for a month. In less than 60 minutes from initial convo, I had onlined the POS and deployed a new hangar. Then I had to logoff for a trip to family dinner.

I am dubbing the newly reinvigorated POS "Apeiron Redux". (NOTE: Apeiron is Greek for Unlimited, Boundless)

(I will keep the dedication name up for a few days)

So here comes the karma angle. I have been offline without a gaming system for 4 weeks. The Class 2 exit Zendane's corp probed that led to the POS system was a 24-hour cycle. I just happened to be home, with my newly replaced system online, just as they found the POS. Not only that, but a friendly corp that just happened to have a member that reads this very blog...

Pretty cool IMHO.

With gushing thanks, I parted with Zendane and Phoibe Enterprises. Later tonight I got a chance to get back online and scan all of the exits - I need to find a route to bring in the ships, fuel and the other goods required to stay here for the next few weeks. Hopefully I will find a new Class 3 at about the same time I finish cleaning out this system.

Shout out to Zendane and Phoibe Enterprises! Thanks pilots! Best of luck.

Fly Safe...


  1. Wow, congratulations. I love it when serendipitous things such as this happen. Good people do exist in EVE! :)

    Rutilus/Zsynh Dahl/Bodhitisa - Space Crickets Corp.

  2. Shh, EvE is supposed to be about people hating on each other and continuous griefing. This cooperation and good deeds stuff could get out of hand!! Lol.

  3. It's good to hear from you again.

    I was starting to slow down my spam of capsuleer.

    Funny how your old system was left pretty much in tact.

    Good luck and happy hunting


  4. wish i could meet some nice corps like this to ally up with with my corp, hard to know who to trust in eve, but their are the good guys... good to hear you got back in your system nearly unscathed, just shows how few people are really looking for a fight in W-space, once people see a well fit POS most people tend to go on to the next one lol

  5. Very good Karma. Must have treated animals well in previous life.

  6. Sinonymous here, WH Director for Phoibe Enterprises. It's a pleasure to have had the opportunity to re-unite you with your old POS, our members having studied WH ops guides and blogs such as yours and others for months prior to our deployment. It feels good to know that we've gotten the chance to pay someone back who helped us on our path. Thanks again for posting your experiences here, and giving us the opportunity to make something exciting for our own corp.

    -Sin, Phoibe Enterprises

  7. hey man i love all your blogs. i read through all of them in one sitting. WH space seems really awesome to me. i started a 0.0 corperation so if i wasnt in this position i would be tempted to do what you did. but hey throughout all these blogs i dont see your in game name. i would very much like to talk to you in-game if youd be willing. if not check out my blog. i use to be a griefer :( but i have made ammends and turned my ways.


  8. Thanks Rifter. My Main and Alt are:

    Star Defender

  9. same guys just saved our tower also