Monday, November 16, 2009

This space occupied (redux)

I posted back in August about the growing difficulty in finding a suitable W-space home. Since then, the trend has continued to the extent that even finding a good W-space system from LowSec is extremely difficult.

There is a good post on this topic here.

I agree that the likely future for W-space is some classic consolidation. If you are a solo or solo+alt corp trying to maintain a presence in W-space, the time may quickly come for you to join forces and pay homage to a "parent corp", otherwise you will likely face challenges defending your territory.

The most likely arena for this will likely be in Class 3 or higher w-space systems, where the w-space systems can generate an ISK yield to support larger corps.

It has grown crowded out here in w-space! Favorite analogy, posted by Xonus:

"...In this game, we have a limited number of systems and spaces for people. I wouldn't mind if someone set up a cabin in the forest somewhere and occasionally hunted. But, if everyone set up a cabin in the forest somewhere, it would cease to be a forest."

Safe Flying!


  1. i think CCP firstly need to address the mechanics of the pos access. If an alliance sets up a pos every corp should be able to access all permitted modules. Currently its been my experience only the setup corp can access everything. If an alliance goes into a WH it will end up with everyone needing to set up a pos to meet thier requirements unless everyone can have an orca pilot at hand so you can at least swap ship fittings. But for storage my old 0.0 alliance had problems with cross corp access to various modules.

  2. 2 months ago I desided to setup a POS in a C2 or C3 WH. We (me & 2 corpmates)spent a good 3 weeks to find one that wasn't occupied. We noticed recently that we have been getting more & more visitors. Hope we can continue here, but...... Your blog is what gave me the spark I needed to get us started. Many Thanks, Wil Ricker

  3. Is it possible to create a perpetual frontier?

    WSpace seems like it might have been intended to work that way, with some systems going dry while others regenerate until someone finds them, but the degree to which wormhole systems are interlinked, and the degree to which they can be saturated with towers, makes it possible for the playerbase as a whole to overcome that curve.

  4. Devs said it got super easy to make new systems and it was hard to stop themselves from making more. i say double WH systems again. us WH dwellers dont eat up that much CPU and spreading us thinly across 5000 systems should be easy on the CPU. the more people they can thinly spread, the easier it is on the server right? meanwhile the 0.0 alliances are bunching up and will start lagging. they should just add a crapload of more C2/3 that are DEEP. or make a noticeable chain like C6 links to C5 to C4 (+/-1 level) so if you go really deep you wont get many/any visitors, unless they are on the same scale as you.

  5. Jared - Word. I do not see T3 production topping out, so one could say there is definitely a market for more T3 materials - I am all for expanding the W-space pool.

  6. In my last 2 visits to wh space I found a pos on the d-scan. No ships... just a pos! So its possibly some small corp, but in anycase... I dont stick around just incase they are cloaked... Its a bit annoying really as all I want to do is a little mining.. :(

  7. maniac - I run into this all the time - keep in mind that if the residents are present, they are likely either (a) actively mining or running sleeper sites or (b) are in an adjoining system because the local system has been completely farmed.

    If (a), they will not be cloaked, since you cannot mine or PVE while cloaked. If (b), then there is likely nothing to do locally anyways, or the person (like me) is not a miner and if returned would likely show up on scan.

    Upon entering a new W-space system, I drop a 64AU ship scanning probe - in one scan I can determine with 90%+ confidence whether there is a (structure or ship) presence in the system.

    If nothing shows, I assume they are different timezone and logged off or in an adjoining system. If there are local sites, I go ahead and work them, keeping a constant vigil on dscan and/or the 64AU probe refreshes.