Saturday, November 28, 2009

Return to W-Space

Logged on tonight after returning from California for the Thanksgiving holiday, scanned a few LowSec systems in my normal "branch" pattern, and discovered a Class-2 entrance only one jump away from my staging base. Funny how you can scan countless systems to no avail and then just happen upon a local entrance like that...

So, this C2 has 22 sleeper sites, 1 Magnometric, 4 Ladar, 4 Grav and an exit to LowSec, Class 2, and a Class 3. Not sure yet which one is static. Hope it is the C3!

I set up my small staging POS, then transported the large POS package in a series of trips. I used my CovOps to maintain scouting positions and had to wait out some pirate traffic before completing some hauler trips, but otherwise it was a pretty quiet deployent.

Once the downtime occurs and the "next day" limiter expires (cannot deploy more than one POS per day), I will deploy the large POS and the full defenses. Until then, I brought a handful of hardeners online - I just need to avoid trouble for 18 hours or so...

In the mean time, I cleared 5 sites and plan to do more tomorrow after the Large POS goes online.

Fly Safe!


  1. Was hoping when I found your blog that there might be some information reguarding the respawn of site's in WH's.

    A buddy of mine and I moved into a class 3 about a week ago, and we managed to clear everything out yesterday, and instead of having 15 rat sites, and 3-4 other sites after DT, we had 2 rat sites, and a worm hole out. One of those, WTF sorta moments... and wondering if it takes a few days to respawn to full capacity again.

    If you have any clue yourself, any chance you could send an email, or reply to this post? Just trying to find info anywhere really, lol.

    Good luck with your adventures. :)


  2. Hugely unlikely that the sites despawned - sounds more like someone from an adjoining W-space or K-space system jumped into your W-space system and farmed it dry.

    If there was only 1 exit left, either that was where they originated or their entrance collapsed on timer or mass.

    You have just experienced first-hand why the best W-space systems have static/recurring exits spawning to a similarly-classed system, so that you always have a fresh supply of sites to run daily.

    On the respawn rates, there have been a few posts:

    But the answer boils down to - do not bother waiting for respawns.

  3. Was just wondering...when you were deploying into c2's and the like with your medium POS setup, what was the initial capital you had to invest, if you had to estimate?

    I'm considering moving into a c2 w/ a static c2 or c3 hole and am just concerned im going to run out of ISK before its all bought up..(i.e. Fuel, defenses, the ships themselves, structures, etc)

    Appreciate it, have always been a fan of your blogs. Pretty much check every day for a bit of info on wspace or logistical pointers,

  4. Well. Since this IS a "spreadsheets in space" game, I just happen to have a spreadsheet for all occasions, including my 'Medium POS' worksheet. If you include the Medium POS, Corp Hanger and Ship Maint arrays plus 14 days of fuel (don't forget max strontium!), you are looking at just under 300M ISK. You will need to add your POS defenses to the cost and the ships.

    I covered my last Medium POS investment in a single site in the first 4 days in a C2. A few of those in a row paid for all this fancy large POS gear I am now hauling around. ;-P

    Thanks for the comments!

    Fly Safe!