Monday, November 9, 2009

Low Class-1 W-space yields

Cleared 21 of the 34 sites and ran a short 9 jumps in the current LowSec exit to Jita to sell off the loot. Total yield: 198M ISK. More proof that the same effort would have yielded 3x in a Class2.

No other pilot traffic here as yet, and although I am getting some light respawns of the sleeper sites, I am wasting time here. Going to wait out a few more days to see if any interesting exits spawn, otherwise getting out of here by Friday.

Safe Flying!


  1. Oh hi. We've recently taken up residence in a Class 2 to get our feet wet, and I had a question for you. As the site signatures (qax-152, etc) do not persist from day to day, have you found an easy system to keep track of your sites on an ongoing basis? This little aspect of WH life is making me want to stab myself in the neck.

  2. Yes, bookmark every site once you scan them to warpable. The next day, launch 4 probes set to .25AU, arrange them for a scan (as if you had normally narrowed down to .25AU) directly over each of your prior site bookmarks. You are essentially getting an immediate 100% warpable site for all of your existing bookmarks. In less than 5 minutes you can "rescan" the entire system, leaving only new site signatures to be scanned down.

  3. HINT: Prolific use of the Shift key to move all probes together gets the job done here quickly.

  4. Noob question #1

    -If a WH to a unpopulated c2 opened in my system and i wanted to colonize it, and there happens to be no signatures at that time, would that be dumb of me? Should i move on in my search? or do i just need to wait until downtime?

  5. Hmm, I wouldn't call that proof. Interesting, and indicitive of something to look further into, but not proof. More interesting would be numbers comparing ratios of frontier to perimiter to core sites, as the spawns don't change based on class. Is there something specifically different that you can point to being the cause? Is it these hardness ratios? The fact you only have one ship do to the sites with? This wh just wasn't that full of sites? The types of site that spawned (ie. no, or few, gravimetric sites)? Market has changed substantially in the last few weeks? Something is causing your lower yield, and its not specifically the fact of a class 1.

    I'm also curious about the drone situation. What do you think is causing your increased losses? Are you just running into larger groups of frigates? Could it be only having 5 instead of 10 drones out? Have you gotten rusty on drone control? Is it the lack of drone bonus on the Drake?

    Did you ever get around to trying out sentry drones? I'm guessing not yet as you are in a C1.

    I have a question about POS. I see you need X amount of fuel to keep one running, then I keep seeing mentions of ways to 'save fuel' by offlining structures, but no details (that I've found) on how that specifically works! I want to get into the POS wh business, so you can imagine this is of interest to me. :) Do you have any resource you could point me to that has these details?

    Ooo, I'll have to try that shift key with probes trick. It sounds awesome, thanks!

    I also feel I should point out a few benefits to C1 wh systems. There are a couple good things about them.
    First is weight and class restrictions (no BS or Hulk for example). This cuts down on the types of risk you or your small groups could face, as well as putting a soft cap on how expensive a ship you could be risking. It also makes smaller POS more feasible as they will be harder to assault.
    Second, they are less likely to be occupied by wh centric corps due to less lucrative sites.
    Third, they are ideal for bp and certain types of manufacturing installations due to the other reasons (especially with a static highsec exit).
    Fourth, I feel it is very hard to mine out even one small wh mining site. A C1 should be more then enough to keep a serious miner or 3 occupied full time with high end ores at relatively low risk (hmm, I wonder if you could get an Orca up and running in a C1?).

    Just some thoughts, and welcome back to wh space!

    P.S. have you thought about moving to +4 or +5 implants?

  6. The above is the same system I use.

  7. Mike - I suppose it depends on what you want to do. If you are deploying a POS for labs/research/production, then you have to look at whether recurring highsec exits exist. If you are looking to run sleeper sites, then no, W-space systems take forever to respawn the sleeper sites and I think you would be better-off waiting for a system well populated with sites.

  8. Thanks for the answer regarding scanning after DT - that's what we've been doing, but it's so time-consuming and annoying. Ah well - such is life in New Eden, the second job I pay for.