Sunday, November 1, 2009

Searching for W-space home #7

Tonight I covered 16 K-space WH's and more than 80 sigs within W-space, looking for the "deep" jump to an unoccupied Class 3. But, all attached systems and their respective w-space exits were populated and/or were dead-ends tonight. Not a single vacant W-space system in over 30 w-space systems I toured tonight - quite different from May-July, when you had your proverbial pick...

Shout out to Galen - I buzzed his POS tonight and had a good chat with him. He was my last site of the night (21 POS hits total).

I regularly scan down ALL of the resident POS and ships, as twice I have found abandoned POS sites with good salvaging and have found abandoned ships on many occasions.

Checking out the resident POS, if/when said residents are "in", can cause the familiar "alert and bust-ass back to the POS" frenzy that all of us W-space dwellers have been through - I might get in the habit of posting "passing through" to local if I see pilots in scan... Not that it really puts the resident(s) at ease, but was sorry to interrupt Galen and their ops.

Fly Safe!


  1. i just found a nice C3. these sites were easier in a zealot than in an absolution, i might actually switch back.
    but your blog as you know is kinda my role model, you can come live with me :P

  2. LoL! I would avoid talking to local - In most cases you should expect wormhole residents to know about the wormhole you entered already so you might not want a Phobos warping to you and firing up a bubble, or a quick interceptor up your ass..

    I say stay sillent and pass through without being detected.

    Besides, they should be able to spot you from your probes... hmmm...

  3. Kyvon - good to hear you found a good C3. You never know, I might look you up...

    Quiv - nobody can touch me in my max-skilled CovOps, bubble or not. ;-)

    Besides, I never drop probe(s) and stay stationary, to say the least right at the actual WH. I drop and warp to a new location cloaked, then immediately relocate the probe on first scan.

    More of a side-remark on the local comment. I usually only strike up a convo when I am sitting 100km off their POS.

  4. xD

    The thing is at that time i was alone online. I was pretty much on ym own when i saw a combat probe out ran to the POS and then i was ready.
    Suddently i see a comment on local. lols, you got me on the egde right there ^^


  5. Good luck finding a new home! It is amazing how populated W space has become...

  6. I would love to see a CCP Quarterly Economic Report on the amount of WSpace colonization and its economic impact on EVE.


  7. after 3 weeks of prep, it took 2 weeks of probing for me to find a vacant WH, a class 3 red giant. 2nd day in lost my Drake in a Grav site. Trying to figure what would work best, but seems a couple corp mates will be joining me. Great read & look forward to your posts.
    Wil Ricker

  8. Wil Ricker,

    There is no way you should've lost your Drake in a Class 3 grav, unless it was to another player.