Sunday, November 29, 2009

Settling In...

I logged in this morning and deployed the Large POS.

I had a few questions on why staging in a small POS: I have tried deploying the Large POS directly, but too many close calls and frayed nerves brought me to the understanding that sitting around with your arse hanging in the proverbial breeze is not a fun way to deploy a POS. So instead, I bring up the small POS and drop all of the Large POS stuff in a corp hangar. The next day (only one POS can be deployed per system per day) I go anchor the Large POS wait out the anchor and online times from the confines of my small POS shield. Once the Large POS shield is online I begin ferrying the Large POS fittings, Corp Hangar, Ship Maintenance and bring up the defenses.

With everything setup, I updated my scans and found several new exits and was able to confirm that the C2 was static - that is going to be nice! However, the new exits were to LowSec and to HighSec (1 Jump from Jita lol), and I began to see traffic. I was about to close the HighSec WH after having a nice chat with a visitor (Morshon from New Dominion corp) when EVE crashed for a while. When it came back up I figured I would take advantage of the HighSec exit and jump out for a fuel run...

But, me being me, I did a rare thing - I forgot to bookmark the HighSec-side. Although my Alt was still in W-space and could rescan all the sigs, I thought I would try Morshon - he was still relatively close and I offered him 20M ISK to fleet me and give me a jump location to the HighSec entrance to my W-space. He agreed and saved me an hour's worth of scanning - thanks Morshon!

I doubled up on fuel and supplies and am good for more than a month now. Have to leverage those convenient hub exits when you get them...

Afterward, I closed the HighSec exit and another LowSec that spawned. Looks like this system has static C2 and LowSec and is still spawning Grav and Ladar sites - I will have plenty to do here after I clear the remaining (still over 14 left) sleeper sites.

Fly Safe!


  1. Sounds identical to my new home. A c2 with a static c2 and a static lowsec. My corp is just starting to get into reactions, which do you find work well in a c2?

    We are building a carrier in place to help defend the place.

  2. With the abundance of C-50 and C-60, and based on market pricing, currently it appears that Fulleroferrocene or PPD Fullerene Fibers are the way to go.

    I do not get enough C-70 and C-72 (currently) for anything else...

    Running a batch of Fullero right now as a matter of fact...

    Fly Safe!