Sunday, November 15, 2009

POS Unanchored

OK, well it took nearly 5 hours, but the ECM structure was finally repaired and I was able to avoid hostiles long enough to get the POS and that structure out to my LowSec base. Best part was running the repper AFK for the last hour before downtime, knowing that this morning I could login and finish it up. I suppose I was lucky that no pilots came into the system and probed my POSprey, but I valued my sleep more than the remaining goods. ;-)

What a pain, but happy that I am not abandoning the POS (and of course the 100M replacement savings).

Off to my RL TODO list, but online tonight to see if I can scan a good LowSec WH entrance...

Fly Safe!


  1. I know this is unrelated to this blog entry, but could you write a blog entry that details your scanning methods inside a wormhole? E.g the ship you use, the probe launcher/probes you use the recommended skills to learn etc.

    I've read all I can about it, but being new to scanning it seems mind blowing that you can scan down 32 signatures in just one sitting. (Took me 10 minutes just to find a WH exit) How do you do this and how long does it take?

  2. Sure Anon - this has been a common request. I will work on a post.

  3. ...ok so why did you exactly spend all that time for a structure that costs 100M, risking a ship that costs 25M (estimate), your pod + implants (? ISK) while being afk...

    ...when you could spend that time blowing up sleepers?

    We've found alot of abandoned POSes and structures, both in wspace and in our 0.0 exits - but we never bothered to pick them up... the risk/reward ratio is too low.

    my 2c

  4. Actually, the POSprey was an uber-cheap fit, coming in at a whopping 5M ISK (no rigs, T1 mods only). I have basic (cheap) implants.

    All the sleepers were toast in the local W-space, and I was trying to bail out of the system, which only had one exit.

    This was my POS, and I think it boils down to not wanting to leave an abandoned POS behind, pure and simple. The risk/reward, other than time, was with me...

    Best measure is how I felt packing up the POS after unanchoring - felt right. If I would have been podded, I am only looking at a ~10M ISK loss and a free trip home ;-)

    Safe Flying

  5. Heck I'm a tighter than a squirrel when it comes to not losing stuff - so I can understand your effort and desire not to abandon POS.

  6. OK I thought you where just salvaging someone else's POS.. in that case, given the low (r)ISK investment I'd probably do the same :-) way to go! :-)