Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday and Skill Planning

I leave in just three days for holiday, where I will not have sufficient online access to support an onlined POS. As such, I will stick to some local Low-Sec plexing until I leave this Saturday. After the holiday, I will resume my Low-Sec search for a suitable C3.

In the mean time, and throughout the holiday, I am finishing up skill training on Caldari T3 (Tengu!) - only 14 days to Skill Level 5 on the remaining Caldari T3 skills. Although I can already get into a T3, I typically wait for at least level IV ship skills before actively piloting. In the case of an expensive T3 Tengu, I figured I wanted that last bit of edge.

Separate note - Had some good convos with Quiv - we had been independently thinking about the future of W-space and share a belief in parent-corp/alliance efforts. I posted some comments on my thoughts about the future of w-space colonization here - look for some fun and interesting points in the near future from Quiv.

Fly Safe!


  1. I haven't even considered flying a T3 ship yet myself. I'm still, imo, too new to Eve to be training skills that I could possibly lose. However, that makes me think and your post makes me question. I know you lose something in your skill training when you die in a T3 ship. Was it a full skill level? Or just skill points? And if you lose em, how much?

  2. Selina, as I have read, you lose 1 entire skill level (not partial based on skillpoints) from a randomly chosen ship-specific subsystem skill.

  3. Actually, just found the pertinent post:

    "Each race will have a set of 5 subsystem skills as well as a ship skill. The subsystem skills have very basic requirements and are only "rank 1". These affect the subsystem bonuses. Don't think we decided to have them rank 1 just to be cordial though; they don't function like other skills when it comes to ship loss. This is important: Due to the sudden rift in the symbiotic ship relationship that exists between a pilot and a Tech 3 ship, losing a Tech 3 ship will result in a random skillpoint loss from one of the racial subsystem skills. The penalty is one level off the top. Observe that whether that is a downgrade from, say, level 2 to 1 on your underdeveloped electronics or a painful fall from level 5 to 4 on the spit-polished offensive subsystem, is entirely dependent upon lady luck. Ejecting or self-destructing does prevent the penalty, giving players an incentive to abandon ship from time to time."

  4. Interesting that if you know you are going to lose your T3 Cruiser, you can eject and avoid the skill level loss. I just learned something today!