Sunday, September 6, 2009

Abandoned Valuables

By the time I logged in late today, 3 sites spawned and I quickly cleared them and then scanned down the latest exits. Back to the standard 2 static exits, one to a Class 6 and another to NullSec. No other random exits today.

I am in the habit of checking out ALL Class 5 and 6 systems these days, as I and other pilots have found them to occasionally contain abandoned ships, drones, loot, and all sorts of goods. It took a while to scan all 20 of the signatures. What a miner's dream! Some of the best Ladar sites to be found in EVE W-Space, with over 10 sites with C-540 or C-320... That is some serious gas ISK.

Other than the 11 Core sites, 10 Ladar, 6 Grav and 4 Radar, there were only exits to a C5 and a C3 (in addition to mine). I dropped into the C3 to have a look, since I am looking for a new C3 system to occupy. The system was clean, but the prior tenants had left 6 small POS turrets, so I returned with my hauler to pick them up.

Otherwise an uneventful trips and did not see a single soul today. I suppose everyday in EVE will not be a huge discovery or a 1B ISK trip to market...

I need to make a decision on whether to stay in this bottomed-out system with roughly 4 site spawns per day or to move to an adjoining system. The problem is there are never C3 entrances spawning from my system - just Class 6, NullSec, and the occasional HighSec. Time will tell - in the mean time I will keep scanning adjoining systems for a new home (or more abandoned loot!)

Fly Safe!


  1. Hey Star,

    Today I ventured into a class 2, only cleared one site. Used a Drake with your build, minus the t2 launchers and an Osprey for repping...

    The Drake stared to clear everything out, rather slowly. I then dropped the Osprey in and B A M, all the Sleepers switched targets and almost imploded the! Wasn't expecting a target change like that. I managed to warp him out on hull...

    My two characters are both under 4 months old, do you think I need to train more before really get the most out of WH's...?


  2. Hehe. Tales of a novice

    So your blog has inspired me to look around for a WH. Been looking for about a week for a suitable one.

    Last night I found one. The wormhole thingy said it was a class 7. I think not. The text was the lowest possible one.

    I jumped through and understand better how you probe down stuff so fast. I dropped a deep scan @ 256 AU. Instantly I got 5 - 100% strength sites. And 3 others I would need to triangulate.

    So I ran back grabbed my domi and headed out. I used scan when I got in the WH and found a station but no ships. ( hell's kitchen ). Warpped to a site an got to work. 2 frigates and 2 cruisers. When they popped 4 more cruisers came in. Then 4 minutes later 8 more cruisers appeared. My armor started to cry. So I left. ( I even manage to recover most of my drones).

    Sold off my stuff at about 4 mil. ( just the first 4 was what I could loot). So 4 mil in 15 minutes of scanning and fighting. Better then most of my days.

    Would really help having that second account.


  3. Genroku - for the Alt, you need as much DPS as possible, so consider a drone ship - In Class 1 & 2 they rarely attack drones, at least in my experience. In terms of tanking the sleeper damage, you might want to continue to run Class 1's until your skills are trained up.

    The good thing (and important difference) about Class 1 and 2 W-space is that they do not warp scramble, meaning you can jump out at any time - just keep your lesser-tanked ship aligned and ready to jump out as needed.

    Always good to push the proverbial envelope.

    Safe Flying

  4. Acinom - yes, the base sleeper sites do not need probing, they simply ident in a single probe scan. All Grav/Ladar/WH/Radar/Mag locations must be probed, however.

    The key thing to ALWAYS know at sleeper sites is the spawn series. Every sleeper site is named, so search for a spawn list online - I have most of the C2's linked on this blog. Always take the sleepers down such that you do not spawn the next wave until you have cleared as much as possible. Just like missioning.

  5. Hey Star,

    I'm training up a domi now and going to go into drones with that alt. Maybe wait until I get t2 lows and mids as well so I can tank the dps...So that's going to take some time haha..

    Keep up the great blog!


  6. @Genroku: You should be able to bring in the Drake and solo almost any Sleeper site (maybe not the Magnetometric/Radar sites) with an omni tank setup - similar to what you could use to solo lvl 4's. Go for full tank & Purgers. You might want to check the Captain's Log section at for some lessons learned there. Also I'd keep a secondary account on stand by at a safespot with a catalyst ready to go and salvage while you warp off to the next site.

  7. I use to clear/harvest c3&4 whs on my own, got 2 accs, one specialized in orca/commandship/hauling/scanning, one is flying a Tengu w/ 1900dps tank / 770dps output and Hulk. If I get stuck i sorta don't care, I just wait untill a proper exit spawns. :>
    The T3 Strategic Cruisers are so over the top for missionrunning/w-space, it's unbelievable.
    Oh and btw, if you run a couple of WHs/month, both accounts kinda pay themselves thanks to PLEX!