Friday, September 11, 2009

Abandoned in J161138!

Well, it served me well, and over the course of it's life it yielded me over 8 Billion ISK, with over 2 Billion ISK alone from it's current resting place: J161138

After 4 days of searching adjoining systems for a decent location to move the POS, I was growing weary of continually burning fuel and basically burning hours. With static exits to a Class 6 and NullSec only, and with my target being a Class 3 or 4, I decided it was time to jump out at the next convenient exit. I had been "chaining" exit WH's via the Class 6 but could not find the right fit - always led to more NullSec, C5, or C6 systems.

A HighSec exit (only the 3rd one ever here) opened and I jumped all over it, moving all of my ships, fittings, ammo, Refinery, 10 artillery, and all of my fuel stock to the exit system station.

With only 750M Mass allowance, it did not take long to go critically unstable, so I did not get most of the POS defenses unanchored before I had to make the final decision to abandon what remained. I could have stayed in there with my CovOps and continued waiting out the next High/LowSec exit to move the rest, but then I considered the total value of everything remaining (about 90M ISK in defenses + the Medium POS resale value at 180M ISK) and thought... "Well, you have cleared many Billions of ISK and you are moving up to a Large POS, so do you really need to put another 8 hours of offlining, unanchoring and transporting the Medium POS?" The answer, in short, was NO!

Remember, you have to offline and unanchor every unit before you can pack up that pricey POS, and with all of the stuff I had anchored out there, I shivered at the prospect of the mind-numbing effort of unanchoring everything in sequence. Here is what I left behind:

Shocked? Heheheh - tough decision, but once I took that last exit and bid my farewell to Apeiron, I felt like a weight lifted...

On to new horizons and new experiences with the Class 3/4 Large POS plan!

Fly Safe!

P.S. If someone comes across my old humble abode, please drop me a line - it served me well!


  1. I think you made the right decision. A wh to high sec could bring in some hostiles that would be more than happy to interrupt your POS un-anchoring. 8 hours is a long time...

    Squizz Caphinator

  2. Kinda interesting to see how ISK relativizes itself over time ... as you make more, your able to write off what perhaps a month or two ago you would have been up-in-arms about losing.

    I know as a NOOB, starting off in my Velator, 10 million seemed like pie in the sky wealth, and I don't think it was within my imaginative grasp at the time to think I could just write 10 mil off.

    Nor am I close to being able to write-off 100 mil. But there will come a time, when abandoning 100 mil for other objects may be a choice I make.

    It's relative.

  3. Darn it man... I am not talking about the POS stuff - who cares! :-p but the Class 6 hub system!?? you should have left behind a scanning alt and sell that type of system... Or wait till we got a toon in there to track down a nice Class 6 to plan our next move :-p

    anyways.. I guess I'll have to give feedback for your large tower then :-p

  4. Decalrations of war podcast just finished talking about finding a wormhole and a pos in unanchoring mode. So the last thing you result wanted was 8 hours with 10 battleships visiting

    So it seems like you have the wormhole thing down. And that you gave a ton of isk laying about. So I'm curious. What are your short / medium / and long term goals for Eve and wormholes?


  5. Time is money, and what you did was the more profitable thing.

    System name noted down, just in case I ever stumble across it.