Tuesday, September 22, 2009

W-Space POS Sanity Pause

I am finding it more than a little refreshing after 2 months of constant W-Space POS life, waiting out some skill training is providing a mental recharge of sorts.

Maintaining a POS and having it in the back of your mind that the precious POS Fuel continues to burn away 24x7 is a great motivator, at least for getting online nearly every night to pay for that fuel. Call it a proverbial forcing function. You feel compelled to logon at least once per day to check up on things and to get a little sleeper carnage and looting to make sure you are yielding sufficient ISK to cover the investment risk of having your POS out there...

Every day that passes, I find myself ever more eager to get back online and get back into W-space, sort of like an odd feeling of anticipation. But, I am going to stick to my Iteron V plan. I think this will net out with a renewed passion for W-space and more efficient hauling. A win-win.

I am stopping just a hair short of recommending that W-space pilots implement their own equivalent of an R&R vacation periodically. ;-)

Fly Safe!

(edit for Capsuleer: this post has raised an enormous amount of comments - see here.)


  1. Your accomplishment of keeping a POS active in W-space is an inspiration for me, as someday I hope to do the same!

    I like your line:

    "Maintaining a POS and having it in the back of your mind that the precious POS Fuel continues to burn away 24x7 is a great motivator"

    Anything to keep you motivated must be good! heh.

  2. One advantage to colonizing a WH with a Corp is that you can share the logistics. Definitely helps prevent burn-out.

  3. The saying goes "A change is as good as a rest" and certainly holds true for most things in life - Eve included.

    My Wife does a hell of a lot of mining and likes to nip off and do some missions for the ISK.

    I like doing missions but my diversion is finding a WH and doing a little mining although I am considering running a site if I find a low enough one (to start with).

  4. Very much so Jaggins. Our Planet Risk endeavour relied heavily on Quivering Palm assuming most if not all of the logistics of the whole operation, which on the one hand motivated him beyond any recognition, but on the other hand made him burn-out even if all operations took place with a lot of corp-mates cooperating, especially during the hauling things in and out part.

    At some point Quivering reached a point where delegating the tasks was necessary, and that's what he did eventually. We've spread the jobs around now and things go much smoother (and Quiv can sleep at night now ehehehe).

    All in all, w-space is a nice place to live in, but it trully shows its benefits when you bring your friends with you =)

  5. ive been in the WH colonists channel lately. youve shown me my calling in EVE. im in a fantastic corp but theyre pretty against being in W-space.
    think 1 combat char with 2 hauling/scanning alts for logistics can run a Small dickstar with just corp hanger and maint array just fine? i plan on just using those 2 and every part of CPU/grid left will be ECMs in a class 3, hub if i can....

  6. Your blog has convinced me I've found my calling in EVE. I'm going to take the next month to skill up my 2 alts for cov ops and cloaky transports to fuel my POS, after that them plus my combat main will head out and look for a C3 or below, preferably hub.
    You think Amarr Small with 2 Pulse, 4 Beam, 2x Each ECM, 2x stasis, 2x disruptor is enough defense to keep a small gang away? I'm looking at you Planet Risk....
    I'll only have a Bio-silo for gas and Ship Maint/Corp Hanger and offline them when i can...

  7. Thanks Jared. Personal opinion is that it is not really worth defending a small POS. Either a gang is going to take it down or they are not. You cannot really hang enough defenses on a small POS to even deter a 3-pilot gang, so my perspective is to go as minimal as possible or consider a medium POS.

  8. Kyvon - thanks for the kind words - best of luck to both you and Jared - hopefully we will run into each other.

    Same response to Kyvon on a small POS. Either outfit it minimally and hope nobody decides to go after it or go for a medium with hardener/ECM as deterrence. I would advise the latter in a Class 3 -vs- a Class 1 or 2...

  9. I've really enjoyed your blog, this is actually the first blog i've ever read and I'm excited to say that me and my small corp of IRL friends will be moving into a WH of our very own this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration!

    -Twg Memitim

  10. Heya folks!
    @SD: I like your "I love everybody" approach, but in wspace it's better to shoot first and ask questions later. We favor a NBSI (not blue shoot it) policy that we extend not only inside Planet Risk but also in adjustent systems. There was a guy who once told me that we act like pirates (we did kill and pod him along with 2 of his corpmates)... but he was inside Planet Risk, not using directional and not using combat probes. Although we might have overreacted a bit, in fact this is 0.0 space and you must expect that other folks you see near you want to rape and kill you.. makes u a bit paranoid about your own safety and that's a good thing for EvE. Anyhow.. if being open and friendly works for you in the long run I'd be genuinely surprised.. Till then, if you ever get in Planet Risk don't talk in local unless you first talk with either of us :-)

    @Kyvon: one can solo wormholes in a class 2 maybe in Class 3, it would be much better to get into a corporation with other prospect wormholeers. It's not if you can manage the logistics or if you will burn out or not (you will at some point) but it's about the fun you will have and the awesome moments you will share with friends in a Multiplayer Game :-)

    Oh and before I forget... if you do plan to go on your own and/or a couple of friends/alts - DO NOT - repeat - DO NOT get yourselves a small POS. If you do, do not make it look like you have anything expensive inside. It's easy to break and people will camp your system to take it down. Medium is the minimum to go, and if you have 5 or more people go for a Large one.

    @Jared: You don't need a Silo unless you do reactions with all the rest of the stuff (you will need large tower to do that). You can store the gas/ore inside corp hangar arrays if you just plan to sell it.

    @Anonymous - you might want to check out http://planetriskshow.com We started with a group of 6 IRL friends and ended up here... Make sure to join channel Wspace Colonists in game for advice on wspace colonization.

    PS/Edit: this post made me post this thread about RnR :-)



  11. Actually Quivering you do sound blood thristy. Saying to expect to be raped and kill in Eve is just a justification for wanting to hurt others. That is one of the reasons I love to read Star Defenders work. He is much more encouraging. I used to look for Planet Risk when I visited WHs. But since your POS incedent you have really decided to just go after anyone. MMO does equate to killing others.

    Carebear mining Inc

  12. I just want to say how entertaining and inspiring your blog has been for me! I just spent a couple hours catching up on all the old posts and procrastinating on my RL work in the process..

    I hope to follow in your footsteps eventually, but currently I'm very busy in a PvP corp, as well as short on isk (Or at least, not enough to be able to afford to lose everything in the process.) All 3 of my characters are training for there respective roles, and 2 of them can probe.

    How do you think a Drake/Maelstrom or Drake/Hurricane combo would do on the sleeper sites in class 2s, with the 3rd doing the probing and hauling in a covert ops and blockade runner? I'm very new to PvE in general, only ever done a few plexes here and there and frankly, reading this blog is like reading about a whole different game.

  13. Thanks Anon - I would say that either Drake combo would suffice for Class 1 or 2. the only other comment I would make for someone not used to the "PVE way" is to check for spawn triggers on all sites you are heading into.

    Knowing which ship(s) are going to trigger another wave of sleepers can be the difference between riches and ship replacement...

    Best of Luck!

  14. Oh, and make sure you Omni fit both ships, whether it be shield or armor and (ideally) be prepared to rep each other.

  15. @ Acinom: yep you are correct - MMO does equate to killing others with your buddies :-p

    Yes we all got much more bloodthirsty after our POS bashing, but realizing how easy it is to lose everything kinda changes your perception. We need to be able to defend ourselves - that's the main reason behind our PVP activities and that's just it.

    In your eyes probably killing a helpless mining barge instead of helping him mine in your system might seem like "unfair" or "griefing" or plain cruel.

    No I don't want to hurt others - in fact if you are still so attached to loosing your ship you shouldn't be in 0.0 anyways - but I do have fun when I blow ships up. Indeed some people have fun and enjoy gathering carebear tears, I don't. See this guy for example:



    Spot the difference?

    In fact the whole Planet Risk project was to take a bunch of us carebears and turn us into 0.0 pilots that are not afraid to do PVP and thus explore the end-game content of the game, own our own system etc.

    So, if anything, we are totally pro-carebear doing wormholes. Our failures are exposed so that other carebears like us can see and learn from our expensive mistakes.

    @SD: given Acimon's comment above - do you care to share your thoughts on PVPing in WH space? Do you shoot first and ask questions later or not?

  16. I did not mean to hyjack the thread. I moved my response ( I ramble alot) to the planet risk blog

  17. Actually, Acimon is correct, you've gone pirate/savage Palm.

    It isn't about 'helping' an intruder, its about how you choose to behave in the presence of others. Its about up and blasting him without warning.

    You COULD have told him his presence wasn't wanted, or extracted a 'trespassing' toll, or offered him the option to buy 6hrs of 'blue', or executed just the lockdown (for pvp practice), or recruited him, or anything else, but you DECIDED to glory in the destruction of a threatless target (you don't 'learn' how to PVP from blowing up a mining ship). Note there is nothing 'wrong' with this according to game rules, just be aware that it is what you are becomming.

    You get out what you put in to this game. If you blast everyone you come across, you will find it harder to find new friends, recruits or opportunities, because you destroy them all. If you choose to have a more civilized method to your dealings, you may reap the benefits.

    This does NOT mean being weak or stupid, just nuanced in your dealings with others.

    Regardless, gl in keeping your POS safe and your other endeavours. University is keeping me too busy to get into a serious WH operation or I'd join you all in there.

  18. My 2 cents

    One you need to be in a corp, or in my case join a satelite corp built just for mining alts in the fighting corp to go down to worm hole space and mine.

    2nd you need commitment and you need skills comming from all over not just you!
    If you think you and your 2 alts are going to make a worm hole pos work for profit think again!

    Next always be using directional scan while your siting mining or the next thing you know you'll be in your clone at a station.

    It doesn't matter how deep you go into worm hole space, another pos is just one incoming wormhole away, and they might not be friendly!

    Good Luck, and if you run into any players named ghost out there have a heart or soul, and don't blow his noob butt up :p


  19. Anon - although I agree EVE is best played in Corps with other people, I would disagree that solo+alt wormhole efforts cannot be profitable - my own Billions of ISK reserve can speak to that. ;-)