Monday, September 7, 2009

Hybrid Polymer Reactions

OK, trying to convince myself to do something about the Ladar sites that I continue to ignore.

I have always been interested in furthering my skills in EVE to include some form of manufacturing, and with T3 continuing to excel in W-Space and in the Alliance Tournament, I began looking at the first step in T3 production, Hybrid Polymer Reactions.

Here is a Quick-Guide and Video on an example Hybrid Polymer Reaction.

I have collected quite a bit of various Fullerite Gases, most at grade C-72 or Lower. If I continue to run Class 2 and 3 systems, the available gases will stay that way (i.e. I will not be seeing much C-28 or C-32 and no C-540 or C-320 at all). Based on that, I will be limited to the following reaction types:
  • Lanthanum Metallofullerene
  • PPD Fullerene Fibers
  • Fullerene InterCalculated Graphite
  • Fulleroferrocene
  • MethanoFullerene
There are always abundant Grav sites to product the necessary minerals.

After considering the inputs and outputs and current market prices, the only 3 that really make sense to produce are (in descending order of yield):
  • MethanoFullerene
  • Fulleroferrocene
  • PPD Fullerene Fibers
Because of the abundance of C-72 and C-70, and lots of Roids that yield Isogen, the logical choice for me seems to be MethanoFullerene. A quick study of the markets shows that there are lots of Buy Orders out there and the market is relatively stable.

So, my next move will see me upgrading to a Large POS with all of the required reaction arrays:
  • 2x Biochemical Silos
  • 1x Silo
  • 1x Hybrid Polymer Silo
  • 1x Polymer Reactor Array
With it, I will be deploying a hardened POS solution, with this configuration.

I will bring along all of my Artillery Batteries and anchor them, offlined in the event someone actually wants to burn the time and ammo in a C3 System to take on my hardened Large POS.

In case you are really paying attention and can see that this fit exceeds the max CPU, the answer is the refinery and all of the reaction arrays/silos will not be onlined all of the time, as I am trying to keep fuel burn to minimal as is feasible.

You may also be asking why the Medium Intensive Array instead of the larger size? Mostly because I already have the Medium Intensive Array (one less thing to buy and transport), also because the volume of ore I will be refining is relatively small compared to REAL/LEGIT refining POS's, and lastly because there is no difference in Refining Yield.

Obviously, the Hangar and Maintenance Array come with me from my current Medium POS.

Total investment into new equipment:
  • 2x Biochemical Silos (36,000,000)
  • 1x Silo (13,500,000)
  • 1x Hybrid Polymer Silo (6,750,000)
  • 1x Polymer Reactor Array (11,250,000)
  • 1x Large Minmatar Control Tower (367,000,000)
  • MethanoFullerene Reaction (13,500,000)
  • 2x Explosion Dampening Array (18,000,000)
  • 2x Ballistic Deflection Array (18,000,000)
  • 2x Heat Dissipation Array (18,000,000)
  • 2x Photon Scattering Array (18,000,000)
Total ISK Investment: 520,000,000

Ladar sites that I have seen containing these gases usually come in clouds of 3,000 units, so break-even would be just under 20 sites worth of reaction cycles of "Meth" (bad reference, but easier to type than MethanoFullerene), if prices remain stable.

And yes, EVE continues to definitely be a game of spreadsheets (assumes availability of 3,000 units each of C-72/C-50/C-84/C-70/C-60):

I am still 26 days from completing my Orca training, which will likely be a prerequisite to moving forward with the new endeavor, as there is no way I am going to haul all of this to the next system in my 2x max-cargo-expanded haulers at 13,000 m3 each per trip. ;-)

Until then, I will be continuing to work new spawns and adjoining systems. Time to try something new, as sleeper sites are getting a bit monotonous (but still profitable).

Comments welcome, as always!

(edit 12-15: Adding the Ladar site info):
  • Barren has 3,000 C50 and 1,500 C60
  • Token has 3,000 C60 and 1,500 C70
  • Minor has 3,000 C70 and 1,500 C72
  • Ordinary has 3,000 C72 and 1,500 C84
  • Sizeable has 3,000 C84 and 1,500 C50
  • Bountiful has 5,000 C28 and 1,000 C32
  • Vast has 1,000 C28 and 5,000 C32
  • Vital has 500 C320 and 6,000 C540
  • Instrumental has 500 C540 and 6,000 C320

Fly Safe!


  1. wow OK - I smell another great discussion going on here... Instead of commenting about it I'll just give you my take on Hybrid Reactions on another blog "soon"

    my 2c here are:

    You should go for Methanofullerene + PPDs these two require different gas inputs and give the best Reaction profit (I'll explain about that in my post some time this week)

    You should keep your Large POS discussion separately - I am currently discussing with my corpmates on how to go about it - where to fully disclose our settings and setup with screenshots and all -- but we'll definitely talk about POS fittings in the next episode of Planet Risk..

    Oh.. and you might want to put a minor hold on your jump calculations there - we are cooking something up that might help you in these calculations :-)

  2. I have been thinking about looking into reactions as I have been mining C60 and C70 gasses (although not sure if you could get a reaction from those 2).

    I'm stock piling all the gas I extract for experiment in a few months (no pos atm) but I look forward to see how you get on!

    Really I wanted to be making T2 parts, but if I have the ingredients to make T3 it would be the logical direction!

  3. Regarding the Hybrid reactions - yeah I know I still haven't found the time to make that guide.

    For the Large POS:

    1. Buy a Caldari, more Shield HPs, more CPU than any other. Also, since you are going for the ECM - it's the only tower that gives bonuses on that.

    2. Buy 3/3/2/1 or more hardeners based on the resistances that the tower already has - and keep in mind that these have stacking penalties - just like in any ship module.

    3. You should primarily try to close the EM damage hole, since Amarrian ships that don't need reload (aka AFK POS bashing) use EM damage, so if you are going to get attacked - it probably will be with Abaddons etc..

    4. You can go for the Intensive Refinery (not medium one) since you got the CPU now. It' more efficient to use, but it can hold 200K m3 - so if you won't be filling those up the Medium one should suffice.

    5. What about Ammo / Drones - do you plan to have the manufacturing arrays to build those inside your wspace? Just putting it out there since you will be having lots of CPU to play with here.

    6. Gases and Ore can become too many before you got the time to take them out or reprocess / refine them. I'd suggest you get a secondary Corp Hangar Array and keep it anchored, filled with stuff but offline. You can still take things out - but not put more stuff in unless you take it online.

    7. Fill it up with Stront and then some :-)

    8. Get an Osprey - or even better a Basilisk fitted for POS Shield repair.

    9. Think of might adding a lab for doing research - we haven't use a highsec pos for our BPO research and that has it's own set of advantages :-)

    10. Use EVEHQ to Design, Configure and Monitor your POS Tower and plan your refueling runs etc. If you haven't already start using it... you definitely should look ASAP!

  4. Very good thinking.

    When I do happen to do this I'll definitely revisit this post for more information.

    Keep us updated on how it turns out!