Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nearly bottomed out...

With the spawn rate dropping here in my nearly bottomed-out system, and with the adjoining systems not offering up any lucrative "move the POS" opportunities, I have resorted to clearing the Ladar sites for their various gases. After clearing all of the Ladar sites, I have an inordinately high amount of C-70 and C-72, so again all indicators point to MethanoFullerene Hybrid Polymer reactions, so I started hitting the Grav sites for 'roids rich in Isogen, that means Hedbergite! So, I mined 2 max capacity refinery cycles worth of Hedbergite so far.

Now all I need is a good exit to low/high-sec to go get the silos and reactor plus the large POS. I continue to scan "through" the adjoining static Class 6 to look for new exits via the latest C6 and it's respective adjoining systems, but so far nothing looking good - in fact, the static Class 6 exit seems to only connect to C6 hubs, which seems very odd.

The search continues! In the mean time, only a handful of Grav sites left... What happened to all of my rich adjoining systems! ;-)

Safe Flying


  1. Keep hanging in there mate you'll find your exit at some point. Perhaps that the entry into the current WH was a 'rare' one. You're maybe in a cluster of regular wormholes that open up into c6's and 'other' and only occaisionally into high/low-sec.

  2. Thanks Ehlendyr - yep, that is exactly where I am at the moment. Static NullSec and C6 exits only. My hope is on what lies beyond the C6 or what happens to spawn locally from K-space probers...

    The funny thing is that for the last 2 weeks, in addition to the static exits, there have been Class 4 and LowSec exits occurring regularly, at least 2 per day in addition to the static exits! Now for 3 days, not a single other WH other than the statics.

    If I had more evidence, I would be claiming that non-static WH spawn rate has a relationship to the number of Sites/Ladar/Radar/Mag/Grav sites...

    Safe Flying

  3. Static Class 6 you say?! And you are in a Class 2? Heck man, this sounds really cool to me! If you ever think about leaving, I'd suggest you auction / sell that real estate - we'd probably bid for it!

  4. Hiya
    I've been inspired by your blog to start my own - I'm currently in a lowly Class 1 WH with just a small POS.

    I share your woe - it's surprising how quickly the sites dry up :)

  5. Quiv - heheheh - yeah, my solo + alt adventures are not sufficient to take down a class 6, but it is fun to venture into them all and look for abandoned stuff. One thing is for sure - class 6 systems are definitely less populated than lower class w-space. Only found one occupied C6 out of the last 10.

    Kasharic - good to hear! Hey, even a C1 yields into the 100M+ ISK range - pretty good yield as you work your way towards C2's...

    Best of luck and Safe Flying!