Friday, September 18, 2009

Iteron V

I have decided to let my Main and Alt complete their respective skill queues for piloting the Iteron V's.

From a prior post comment that pointed out that I was neglecting implants for reducing training time, I went ahead and bought the relevant Implants and the training time is now a fraction of what it was w/out the implants.

Roughly two weeks and both pilots will be Iteron-V capable, meaning I will dramatically increase my combined industrial ship transport cargo capacity from 26,000 m3 to just shy of 100,000 m3 with full compliments of Cargo Expander II's, Optimized Cargohold Rigs, and GSC's. That buys me the ability to deploy my new POS configuration faster and with substantially less risk.

While the skills are training, I have been doing various cleanup activities, such as retrieving deposits of sleeper loot that I had dropped at random WH exits and had not yet taken to market, and migrating some old stashes to Jita.

Might even run some exploration sites this weekend - been forever since I have done that, since before my W-space adventures...

Safe Flying


  1. Hey Star,
    Would you mind listing the implants you're using? I dont have any atm and training it kind of crushing me, hehe.


  2. I went relatively cheap:

    Gallente Industrial is Perception/Willpower, so I plugged in Ocular Filter - Basic (+3) and Neural Boost - Basic (+3). That puts both of my characters at roughly 25 and 17, respectively.

  3. Ah, I'm guessing you never trained up cybernetics? But what I'm curious to, is how you got the training down to 2 weeks? I think I have the same effective skill point rate (23/23), but it is taking me almost 3 weeks to get that to 5.

  4. Seafog - just to level 3 on both main/alt.

  5. Good luck with that training :) I just finally got myself a Providence on my alt. Been using a maxed out bestower (24K Cargo)...gonna start training for the Itty V myself sometime soon I think...not sure if i'll do it before or after the Orca training though.

  6. Thanks Cyberin - I actually paused my Orca training until I wrap up the Iteron V skills. I can get more cargo capacity from the twin-Itty V runs. The Orca is great if you are running Frigates and a small/mid POS with limited modules though.

  7. Star,
    What about using the Orca as the inital carry-in into the WH. Putting at least one if not both of your itty's in the ship maintenace bay, as well as filling up the rest of the orca with what you can? Then taking the ittys for the rest of your supplies.
    -Enyo Bellona