Sunday, September 6, 2009

System Cleared and some local action

Another rare HighSec exit opened in my system today - probed it and a Retriever mining a Grav site in my system as soon as I logged in. I quickly scanned down the Retriever and plopped in 100km off so that he/she did not have a heart attack.

NOTE to occasional WH visitors dropping into occupied W-space - USE YOUR BLOODY SCANNER!

I took my time scanning down his Retriever and could have easily ganked it, but instead, being the nice, friendly, anti-pirate/griefer I am, I offered to clear the nasty sleeper spawn and allow him to mine, but he got spooked and left the system - he also refused convo (why?).

Turns out the HighSec exit was to Josameto, a paltry 2 jumps from Jita - my luck continues...

Actually turned out to be a good thing to scare him off, as a few minutes later, upon returning from a quick market run in my CovOps (Cha-Ching 450M ISK!), I saw two pirates camping the Josameto WH entrance.

I had Warped (cloaked) to a bookmark 8km from the WH entrance and I knew they were waiting for an easy catch, so I teased them by maneuvering and uncloaking 5km from their ships, shouted "BOO!" in Local, then jumped through.

Obviously they followed, and already had a interdictor warp bubble up on the other side. Bubble - pffft! I am in my CovOps, so align & cloak nearly simultaneously, then change direction in case they had a line on me as I was visible before cloak engaged. Sure enough, they roared to my prior location and ran off towards my initial direction hoping to de-cloak me. I smacked in local: "Sorry folks, cannot touch my CovOps - you are heading in the wrong direction."

I stopped about 100km out just to watch and see what would happen. They missed tackling unwary visitors TWICE over the next 30 minutes and I periodically checked back on them. After an hour with nothing to show for it, they bugged out. Poor execution on a WH Bubble IMHO.

With an exit so close to Jita, I decided to stock up on fuel and other misc. supplies. Once completed, I used my Raven and Domi to close the HighSec WH. The current system has been officially cleaned (whew! that was one packed system), except for the 7x Ladar and 4x Grav sites, which I continue to avoid. That means this system yielded just a bit shy of 3 Billion ISK in the last week!

Class 2 Gas is just not worth harvesting based on my market calculations, as I make 10x more clearing sites. I did clear the handful of C-72 clouds, but anything lower quality is just not worth the time. Like I have said before, I do not have the time nor patience for mining it seems...

I did bring back a second POS, in preparation for another move if the adjoining static W-space look inviting. Looking for a class 3 or 4 now.

Shout out: Had a nice convo with Kathistos, who recently resumed EVE after a hiatus. Came back for Apocrypha and WH exploration - Good luck with your endeavors, pilot!

In other news, my blog was added to the EVE Blog Pack - Looking forward to even more commentary and discussion! Thanks to those of you that posted to Kinux to get me added - and thanks to all of the readers in the comments - I know that everyone has been getting value from your insights...

ALSO - Shout out to the crew over at Planet Risk, who also made it onto the prestigious EVE Blog Pack - congrats guys, and good to see your coverage on the Alliance Tournament.

Safe Flying!


  1. As a beginner in W-Space, I went in in a lone retriever from a hole in Jurlesl yesterday. 5M ransom, but the folks in there were still halfway chill. They were all kind of WTF? about the lone retriever situation.

    I'm really looking to learn more about how to work in W-Space, and this blog has helped.

    If you ever need someone to come in and mine out a system for you, I'd be happy to offer both my exploration and scanning services in return for experience and advice in dealing with W-Space.

  2. Thanks Altarego - I think eventually I will be building a small corp membership and round it out with miners. My probe/scanning skills are all at 5 (legacy of prior exploration days), so scanning for me is a fast process. I just continue to hate to leave some of these rich gas and roid fields untouched.

  3. Welcome to the blog pack. I really enjoy w-space so I am happy to see a blog dedicated to just that.

  4. Congrats on making the blog pack, you've deserved it. Now I can finally read your blog in Capsuleer which except from missing the comments will be really nice ;)

  5. Funny... I had a similar experiance with a retriever pilot. I had a mega in the wh cloaked and was bringing a hulk in (2nd account) to mine and saw a ret at the wh enterance. I convo'd the player, tried speaking to them in local and even evemailed them but no response....

    Been trying my hand at mining occasionally and cleared some great minerals, loot and salvage.

    Might bump into you one day SD :D

  6. Thanks Myrhial! Have you ventured to W-Space yet?

    Xsson - thanks as well. If the comments link from blogger does not appear in Capsuleer, I will end all blogs with a link to comments.

    Hope to see you Maniac! I continue to see Grav sites with Arkonor, Bistot, and Crokite, and I am skilled to the max on mining and refining, but just cannot seem to get myself to sit in on spot long enough to wait for jetcan cycles. Will see how I feel once I get my Orca running with the mining gang link modules...

    Safe Flying

  7. Cheers for the plug mate! Again congratz on getting onto the blog pack! Very well much so deserved if I may add!!

    * QP puts on the eyepatch *

    You should probably help the carebear who was not looking at his directional.. by podding him, then convoing and explaining him what he did wrong. I am sure we would talk to you and listen instead of ignoring your convo.

    * QP removes eyepatch *

    I am a big newb only 7-8 month char now but I know one thing about this game - it's cruel, ruthless, unforgiving - and that's the cold hard truth about it - and that's why it's so competitive and so many people love it.

    That's why I love it too - cause you CAN learn from your MISTAKES and be a better player. It's not about the ISK you make per hour. It's not about the friends you make like in any other MMO out there. It's not about the fun you have while playing, not about the rewards, the fights, the exploration and the thrills. Or I should say - it's not ALL about those things.

    It's about putting your mind into it. Not your ship, not your skill points. Your mind. Your brains will get you out of tough spots and will help you overcome overwhealming odds. You need to make mistakes. Only by critically looking at your mistakes you can better your actions, your plans, your reactions and adapt and survive.

    To cut it short, you should have podded his ass back to his clone bay. :-)


  8. One of my favorite blogs to read, gratz on making the Blog Pack! :D