Monday, September 14, 2009

POS Package Transport - Industrials

Again with the Spreadsheets in space...

I was looking tonight at the total Industrial trips it would take with my Badger Mark II and my Iteron IV. I only have Cargohold Expander II's and no Cargohold Optimization I Rigs. Including all Fittings, Fuel, and POS modules, it would take over 24 round trips to haul everything in my new Large POS configuration to W-space.
  • Fittings and Ammo: 5,396 m3
  • Fuel and Strontium: 118,600 m3
  • POS and Modules: 126,000
  • Polymer Reaction Gear: 24,004
  • Total m3 to haul: 274,060 m3!
  • Plus Ships!
Granted, it is really more like 12 round trips as my main and alt would be pairing up, but still, that is 12 opportunities to either make a bad mistake or invite a ganker on the other W-space side of the WH.

I started researching Industrial ship options and fittings and the somewhat obvious choice here seems to be Iteron V's with max cargo expanders and rigs. If I train both the main and alt up to fly Itty V's, then the paired-up round trips drops to 4, a much more manageable figure. The fully fitted with skills Iteron V will carry an impressive 35,358 m3...

The only problem? Skill Level 5 is a month away for the Caldari Star Defender main and 20 days for the LightTraveler alt. Looks like I am going to run exploration sites here in Amarr territory for a while...

(edit) Quiv pointed out that I neglected to mention the Giant Secure Container (GSC) cargo trick - for those of you that did not already know this, the GSC takes up 3,000 m3 cargo space in your cargo hold, but can store 3,900 m3 - put as many GSC's into your cargo bay as you can and fill them up for an additional 30% boost in storage!

Fly Safe!


  1. Itty V with rigs et all can hold up to 38K m3. If you use Giant Secure Containers you can get even more - up to +20%

    How's the Orca training going? :-)

    Ping me in-game... I might have something to help you out here

  2. Yup, it takes a lot of space. It is those ECMs and hardeners. At 4000m3 a piece means you can not put them in a can and save a little space. I am moving up to medium from a small with a similar setup of ECM and hardeners (thanks to your advice and some bad experiences) and with over two weeks of fuel, defenses, hanger array and ship array I am at about 180,000 m3. That isn't counting industry modules which I will pull in later if the system warrants them. The logistics aren't a nightmare just painful. I am severely regretting not going gallente industrials on my main. Everything is staged near where I roam. With luck I will find a nice C3 with a C2 static that does not directly connect to empire to call home this week. I've learned many good things from your posts please keep it up.

  3. Quiv - yeah, I will look you up tonight if I can jump online. Yeah, I assumed people knew about the GSC trick, but I will update the post to mention it.

    Anon - yep, agree. Good luck on finding your new W-space home and thanks for reading! Convo me online some time!

  4. I have a bustard I can lend a hand with if you want any help hauling.

    Is it just me or is WH space seem really busy? Though I havn't tried looking in any .4 and lower.

    Have you thought about having your own channel setup in game? So we could all talk online?


  5. An Orca with cargo rigs would be able to cut a lot of that down significantly, it would only take about 3 trips or so, and thanks to ship hanger and corporate storage, you'd be able to fit some of the smaller ships (a battlecruiser + several frigates) and most of your modules.

  6. I have commented on your post once before and as I said I love your blog and it helped me into WH space. I am also currently in Amarr space and got an alt nearby that has just trained the skills to an Orca. My contribution to your blog would be to help you with your move. I do realise that Eve is about trust so I will put the rest of my isk on the table as an insurance. The only reason I even could afford an orca is because of your blog. Contact me ingame and I will give you a hand with a move of allmost any kind but keep in mind my orca dont do gatecamps well.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  7. Those training times seem a couple days too long. Have you maxed out your learnings and implants? With your profits you should easily afford a +5 set for both of your toons. If you don't want to risk such a set, put them in a jump clone. With 5/4, learning 5, and +4 implants, i am under 17 days for gallente industrial 5, so you should be able to cut that 20 and 30 days down fairly easily. If you already have them, then please excuse me. :)

    In the short run, medium cargo rigs are roughly 8 mil each now, that would give you approx. 50% more cargo, and cut out a few trips, for negligible cost if you find an awesome spot quickly (Iteron 4 w/rigs and gsc can carry just shy of a can).

    Also concider hiring some hauling. :) You don't have to do it all alone. I, and I'll bet others of your readers, are in Amarr and would love to give you a hand.

    And I'll add my thanks for your articles. They have given me alot of hard details on WH expeditions I have not been finding anywhere else. Unfortunately they have also led me to believe I am not quite ready to go W-space prospecting as a serious endeavour. :) (Those sleeper BS still break my myrm's tank too easily. :( )

  8. Wow, I am humbled by all of the gracious offers.

    Seafog - I am nearly max'd on Learning Skills (Empathy, Focus, Iron Will, Logic and Presence all at 4, every other learning skill at 5), but had not considered high-end implants - not exactly sure why not!?! I will take a look - thanks for the pointer.

    Drunkenstein - thanks for the offer and humbled to hear you have built up your ISK position for the Orca based on WH funds - nicely done!

    Lots of offers to help me move my cargo - going to consider it.

  9. Just for your info..

    I run an Orca with 3 cargo rigs (T1) and cargo expanders (IIRC) and it has the approx capacity of..
    50k m3 Ore hold
    44k m3 corp hanger space
    77k m3 cargo bay (this is the only thing affected by rigs and cargo expanders)

  10. Hey m8,

    You're gonna rock with that POS fitting!
    If you need help with your moving stuff in the middle of nowhere i can help (50k m3 with main+ alt) or if you find a way without C1 the freighter would move everything in one trip :)


  11. Thanks Kathistos - I have you on my address book - if I land a good entrance and you are online I will give you a shout.