Monday, September 14, 2009

Updated POS (Hybrid Polymer Reactions) Fitting

OK, I have refined my POS fitting just a bit. As you may have seen from the previous post on expanding into Hybrid Polymer Reactions, I am replacing my standard medium POS fit with this Large, Hardened POS fitting.

Critical to note here is that the artillery (active) defenses will be anchored and stocked with ammo, but will remain offlined until needed, as will the refinery and reaction modules until I am actively reacting and/or refining.

As such, the POS setup in a day-to-day configuration for onlined-only modules looks like this.

With the massive DPS required to even challenge this POS shield, and with all of the guns, the objective here is to get the "raised eyebrow" reaction from the w-space visitor upon hitting the local scan or probe results.

Oh, and why the Minmatar Large POS you might ask? Simply convenience factor (I am in Amarr territory at the moment) and I still have ton of hydrogen isotopes from the now-old Medium POS. As Quiv pointed out in a prior comment, a hardened + ECM POS setup favors the Caldari Large Tower, which has ECM Jammer bonuses and larger shield (+5M HP).

I have had some recent questions about how to save and/or post your POS fitting - on the POS Planner site, once you have completed your fitting, click the URL that is titled "Build URL" - this will convert the URL in your browser address bar to be something you can copy and paste into a text document for safe keeping, or blog/comment.

Close call last night - nearly made a jump to a Class 4, but decided I was too tired to kick off the 3-hour move... Sleep deprivation makes for bad mistakes!

Safe Flying!


  1. I really like this site.
    You have done very well and I enjoy sifting through all of your posts, and have actually had people refference you in conversations on WHs.
    Keep it up and expect me to reffer to this for a decent ideal cookie cutter template on where to begin.
    Also, I am setting up in a Class 1 just to get my feet wet, and the Minmatar POS Towers get a decent Dmg Bonus, but Amarr dont need any ammo, so I am at an empass. I will be upgrading to an Amarr L tower, thinking this might be the way I go.

    Keep it up!

  2. Thanks! Good luck in your C1 endeavors!

  3. I understand the Isotopes you have being your only reason for recommending Minmy large (my personal favorite standard tower btw)but as a rule, if this is a POS designed purely around T3 reactions, then in my opinion it would be better to take in a Amarr tower with it's silo bonuses which frees up more room for armaments.
    Just an observation and really enjoy your blog by the way.