Tuesday, September 8, 2009

EVE Blog Pack

I wanted to pass along a warm and respectful thanks to all of the readers and supporters of this blog, all of whom played a part in getting this W-space focused blog added to the EVE Blog Pack!

The announcement on CrazyKinux's site was called: "New to the EVE Blog Pack - Did you really want in?" - the answer is a definitive yes, and thank you very much ;-)

In addition to simply being an honor to be on the same list of some of these notoriously cool and helpful blogs, I think exposure to additional W-space and K-space writings and musings are beneficial to all of us.

Here are some of my personal favorites:
  • Flashfresh - A Pirate, by Flashfresh (good to have a pirate's perspective, plus Flash is a great writer)
  • Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah, by Kirith Kodachi (posts even more frequently than I do, and have followed him through his carrier and new 0.0 corp move and back - good coverage and a must-read!)
  • Letrange's EVE Blog, by Letrange (An established W-space corp - see what the big corps are doing in W-space. A recent T3 production chain change of plans as well)
  • Sweet Little Bad Girl, by Shae Tiann (From the Hellcats, a portion of which are currently establishing a pirating base out of W-space - also a great in-character writer, one of my favorite blogs to read on Capsuleer!)
There are a lot more, and I read pretty much all of them available on Capsuleer, so looking forward to experiencing some of the new blog roll entries as well - here are some that I have just begun reading:
Lots more there to go skim and try out, so I encourage you to see what additional blogs fit your style of play.

Again, thanks readers and thanks CrazyKinux for putting in the effort to maintain the blog pack!

Fly Safe!


  1. Welcome to the pack! I've been reading some of those same blogs you link as well ... read all of Letrange's posts, been reading Sweet Little Bad Girl (sheesh can she write or what?) and have started reading Myrhial's blog.

    It takes time to get to all these BLOGS but they are so good, sometimes you wonder why you're even trying to blog yourself.

    Oh well, ya gotta try at least.

  2. Congrats on making it onto the pack. And good to see I've found myself a new reader. Hope you enjoy my writing :)

  3. Happy to have such quality writers on the Pack! You've proven yourself to be amongst these more than one friend! Now get posting! :p

  4. gratz on making it in, yours is one of my favorite blogs and got me really interested in W-Space :D

  5. arggg i just installed capsuleer and keep missing yours its gotta be their /me goes back to catch up on reading lol