Monday, December 14, 2009

The backwaters of Amarr

As mentioned in comments in some other posts, my static LowSec exit seems to have some consistency, in terms of the fact that the exits always seem to be (a) in Amarr space, and (b) in the farthest backwaters you could imagine in Amarr.

For example, my last 3 exits have been more than 30 jumps from key hubs. My latest LowSec static exit, true to form, is in Ned. Look up Ned on your in-game map or your trusty EON maps (highly recommended) and you will see Ned is about as far out as you can get in LowSec. Other exits included: Mahti, Sheri, Yekh, etc. Interesting, if not a little inconvenient. However, about every 3-5 days or so I get someone coming in from HighSec and I can make my requisite runs to market, etc.

I continue to get good sleeper site respawns locally, as well as good connecting Class 2 sites via my Static C2 exit. Tonight I cleared (from the adjoining C2) 6 Radar, 2 Mag, 6 sleeper sites, and 4 Ladar. For once, I find myself wishing for more local Grav sites, as I am going to need some ores for manufacturing. I have been in the habit of despawning neighboring Grav sites (simply visit them uncloaked and they despawn later) to see if the long-running theory about clustered site respawns has any merit. We will see tomorrow, since I despawned 6 Grav sites tonight in the currently-adjoining C2.

So just a matter of time now for skills to complete for T3 production. Invention first, and I have a deep supply of wrecked relics and all the rest of the requisite parts. I did make a run out to get the Datacore-Plasma Physics, as I believe these only come from K-space.

Fly Safe!


  1. Ohh Amarr backwater space!
    -Thats where the real hillbillies are.. I prefer the sleepers myself. :)

  2. We have a double static c2 hole, wh-wh and wh-low connection. The funny thing with it, it seems to exclusively spawn in amarr low sec, khanid low sec or ammatar low sec. Perhaps some wormholes are more likely to spawn in certain regions?

    As for re-spawning mechanics this is what i have found out:
    Wormholes have constallations and regions, sites respawn from the same mechanic as in k-space, aka. if you complete a site it respawns in x amount of time in a random system in either same constallation or same region depending on it's respawn rule. Mostly it's same constallation.
    It is very hard finding or colonizing an entire constallation to test it properly, but having found 3 of them, done the sites and had 15 of the near 200 sites respawn almost immediately in our system, i think it may be accurate.

    We have also found at times wormholes with over 250 sites in them, which supports the ''backwatersystem''.

    Our WH never seems to spawn mag sites.. perhaps just bad luck, or perhaps our's is just very ladar attractive... ^^

    We will be selling the hole soon due to leaving on to other things soon though, so i may not find out of that.


    ps. i enjoy following this blog, was useful for setting up first time too :)

  3. Star,

    This is very interesting to think low sec connections would be clustered more in particular low sec exits. I know our high sec exit in our C2 was all over the place.

    As for the despawn of grav sites, is there information that visiting them despawns them? I thought that was for radar and mag sites. I thought the grav and ladar did not despawn due to a simple visit. I know in our C2 the ladar and grav stayed for 3 to 5 days no matter how much we visited them (and we never cleared a grav site fully).

    Fly Safe,

  4. Mick - interesting. Maybe I need to do more research.

    Last week I simply toured 3 Grav sites to "inventory" them with the roid scanner - I did not do any mining. I did, however, have to get within the required 15km range of every roid to scan them. The next day, all 3 grav sites had despawned.

    The single Grav site that I did not inventory did NOT despawn. Possibly a coincidence, but likely some kind of behavior regarding despawn there...

  5. Anon - your W-space sounds pretty much identical to mine. Same static exits to LowSec and C2, similar LowSec exit point regions. Same experience in terms of "regional respawning".

  6. It seemed that the Ladar and Grav sites all despawned due to either inactivity or a timer at teh same time. We had 3 grav sites in the WH and while they spawned at different times during the day, they all seemed to despawn together.

    We initially had 3, 2 despawned in 2 days from our landing, 1 spawned the next day and one despawned. Then about 4 days later it despawned. We mined all the sites at different time but never cleared any of them.

    I wonder if when the grav and ladar site spawn if they are given a timer, but unlike WH's they all go at one time a day.

    Would be interesting to be able to watch them more closely. But I really dont think the grav and ladar have the same "visit" trip to despawn that radar and mag do.

    As for the system with 250 sites, I would love to see that one. Most I have seen is about 25 sigs and 30 anoms.


  7. I hear you on the 250 sites - most I have seen were in the 60's. Alas, I remember when this was a frequent occurrence:

    Good to hear your experiences on Grav sites - as there is no way in hell these monstrous grav sites could feasibly be mined out in one sitting, it is good to hear that my experience was likely sheer coincidence.

  8. Well possibly good news on my front.

    The C4 with Static C2 opened into a Class 2 that had a Low Sec and Class 2 WH. Tonight will tell is I am lucky or not when I see if both are static.

    The Low Sec opened into the large low sec region of placid that is the Caldari-Galentte "War Zone". I will monitor the exit and see if it is stable in the region it opens into.

    Fly Safe,

  9. Well so far I am 3 for 3 on the A239 hole opening into the Black Rise - Placid low sec region that serves as the "War Zone". Looks like there may be some merit to the exit hole consistency for low sec exits in Class 2 systems.