Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ordinary Perimeter Deposit

Continuing on the evaluation of W-space Grav sites, here was the inventory analysis on another type of typical Class 2 W-space site, the Ordinary Perimeter Deposit. I just had 5 of these in my adjoining C2. Based on the comparison with the Unexceptional Frontier Deposit site, this site would yield quite a bit less ISK, netting out to be roughly 282M ISK of raw ores, and just over 246M ISK of refined minerals (assumes 100% refine).

NOTE: This is specific to my current Class 2 Ordinary Perimeter Deposit site, so results may vary. This is also a snapshot in time on Jita prices, which are obviously subject to change.

Here is a look at the counts by ore type, their respective yields, and their cargo requirements:

Please refer to the prior post on the logistics issues relating to W-space mining.

Fly Safe!


  1. One thing confuses me about your numbers...the ore total is worth more than the mineral value? Is that normal?...I always assumed the minerals were worth more...because if not...why do people even bother refining the ores that are worth more than the minerals?

  2. I will make sure tonight that I have the latest updates on ore -vs- mineral prices from Jita and see if it stays consistent.

    I believe that unless there is an issue with the prices or the formulas, as can be seen in the various mix of ores, this value parity exists only with certain ores, and with plenty of folks capable of 100% refining, there is not much margin to be made by simply buying raw ores, refining, and selling the minerals. Especially with lower-end ores...

    Hoping someone in the mining profession weighs in here.