Monday, December 7, 2009

Common Perimeter Deposit

Continuing on the evaluation of W-space Grav sites, here was the inventory analysis on another type of typical Class 2 W-space site, the Common Perimeter Deposit. I have 3 of these in my system currently. Based on the comparison with the Unexceptional Frontier Deposit site, this site would yield quite a bit less ISK, netting out to be roughly 285M ISK of raw ores, and just over 346M ISK of refined minerals (assumes 100% refine).

NOTE: This is specific to my current Class 2 Common Perimeter Deposit site, so results may vary. This is also a snapshot in time on Jita prices, which are obviously subject to change.

Here is a look at the counts by ore type, their respective yields, and their cargo requirements:

Please refer to the prior post on the logistics issues relating to W-space mining.

Fly Safe!


  1. For my current operations in HighSec this is an interesting breakdown. my Current POS setup includes a Medium Intensive Refinery Array that I am willing to take the hit on... I have been working my small fleet in belts with no stations in them for a while. Just working on the logistics and practice. I make in a few hours around 15 to 30m with these little ops. even if I didn't clear out a belt and I just did the ABCs and did some real frontier operations I still would nearly triple my income from these. The risk is there but the Reward is well worth it. I am a Miner. I have some teeth but I know when to bare them or keep them hidden.

    One question for you. I have a Dominix that I would bring into the operation for clearing belt rats... what difficulty am I looking at with the Sleepers in belts? something a Domi with T2 Lights or mediums could handle?

  2. so if you run your 2 accounts in maxed out Hulks, you can mine 2mil m3 of ore in... 13 hours? :)
    thats what im trainin for on my 2 alts, and main is a hauler

  3. Rorqual. You just need to build one. X-large ship assembly arrays for ore storage of all things.

  4. Elixir - Sleepers in belts are pussycats. At least from what I have seen in Class 1-3 - easily tankable with just a little armor and enough DPS with 5 Light T2 Drones - most I have seen are 4 Emergent Frigates and an Awakened BC.

    Thanks Letrange. Looks like the experienced miners in W-space are primarily skilled on construction. Not skilled there yet personally - will take a look. ;-)

  5. Thanks Star. My Exploration Division is out and about looking for a good C2 to call home with a hole big enough to fit the south end of my Orca through. I have kitted out a medium tower for a base of ops. I don't think I can fool myself into thinking its impenetrable but with a couple more purchases, I think it will keep the tourists from deciding to crash the party on a whim.
    Your reports are always a good read Star. Thanks for the Dialog!

  6. The one problem with Rorquals in c1-c2 wormhole space is that you prety much (unless you get insanely lucky) have to sell the ship with the wormhole.
    Building em is not particularly skill intensive (they are only T1 after all) - just horribly horribly expensive. Then again there's nothing quite like an orca full of compressed ore (yes that compressed ore fits in the ore bay)