Thursday, December 31, 2009

Working the newly stocked system

OK, back in town and had my first chance to get back to operations.

First thing was to reconfigure the POS for normal operations. I had left the POS defenses in an "ALL ON" config while I was away - this consumes fuel at a higher rate and I typically do not keep all my arrays offlined and all defenses, guns, and hardeners onlined.

With the POS back into working order, I began my reverse engineering jobs. I am trying Wrecked salvage, and thus far I am 0 for 9, with a few partial failures that returned some of the elements. I am going to run 21 total jobs and see what I want to do from there.

Continuing from the last post on respawns, the final tally is good:
  • 1x Mag
  • 1x Radar
  • 2x Grav
  • 17x Sleeper sites
So, while I continue to run the RE jobs, I will be clearing out my newly restocked system. The Radar netted 7 Melted Nanoribbons and a ton of the very elements I am using for RE.

Also, a quick shout-out to Mick and his W-space adventures over at his blog!

Safe Flying!


  1. Star,

    do you find that it is better to reverse engineer in the wh?

    If you had a fully functional high sec POS already going, would you aim for trying to RE there?

    Are you refining minerals in the WH, or waiting for an exit to low sec to take them out and refine?

    Thanks as always


  2. James - I am doing RE in W-space simply because that is where I am "stationed". There is no RE yield difference between HighSec/LowSec/NullSec/W-space. If all I were doing was T3 RE, then yes, I would likely have a minimal POS deployment or run it in my existing HighSec POS.

    Currently Yes, I am refining in my Medium Intensive Refining array and taking the 25% yield penalty. However, I am only mining ore to support Hybrid Reactions, and as such, am not really mining as a source of ISK - Such little ore is needed for reactions that losing that little bit of yield does not bother me. A different story, however, if mining was my key ISK-earner. Lots of comments on this blog about getting the ore out for 100% refining or Rorqual, etc.

    Besrt of luck!